Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lost in Love by Shiloh Walker

Title: Lost in Love Anthology
Author: Shiloh Walker
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 2013
Publisher: Samhain
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Story Overview:
Sometimes a second chance is all you need…

Playing for Keeps
Jacob McCoy and Dana Cochran have known each other for years, but the timing has just never been right. Then she invites him over to play with her and Mason Caldwell…and things get complicated.

Jacob loves Dana so much that he’s even willing to share her with Mason. But a red-hot threesome isn’t all that he wants from her.

When tragedy strikes their fledging relationship, Jacob has to convince Dana that pushing him away isn’t the answer. He wants to be in her life forever. And some things are worth fighting for.

A Forever Kind of Love
Chase and Zoe were the high school golden couple, but Chase couldn’t resist the urge to experience life outside their small town. Now that he’s back, it’s no big surprise she’s married. The kick in the face is she married his best friend.

Zoe has filed those bittersweet memories with Chase under “moved on.”She loves her life, and Chase keeps an honorable distance. When the horribly unexpected occurs, Chase doesn’t expect her to fall into his arms. But he never expected that this time, she’d be the one hitting the road.

Warning: Contains enough emotion to have you reaching for the Kleenex, and love scenes hot enough to have you reaching for a cold drink.

Playing for Keeps Review:
A erotic
This novella is so much more than a hot little erotic menage, but it's from Shiloh Walker, so I should have expected that. It was still hot, but it was also emotional and so romantic.

Jake's character made this story for me. He's so much in love with Dana. He's willing to take her however he can get her, even if that means sharing her with another man. When things become rough, my heart mourned for both of them, but especially him and his sense of helplessness. Relationships are tough and take two people. This is a story that shows the depth of that in a beautiful way. I really enjoyed the story and the characters.

I also really loved that Shiloh Walker wrote the author's note at the end of the story. Knowing where the basis of the story came from made it even more beautiful.

A Forever Kind of Love Review:
A spicy
Bittersweet is definitely the word for this story. Zoe has had two loves in her life...Chase who left her 15 years ago after high school and his best friend, Roger, who she married after Chase left. When Chase left, he completely left...he didn't keep touch, he didn't keep track, he has no idea what happened with Zoe...so it's quite a shock to find out she married Roger. Now he's back home just in time for Zoe's world to implode. 

Emotional...yep, this book covers it. This is definitely an emotion that Shiloh Walker does well and there are times when you just need a good emotional read. This is a good choice for that because it's a short book....took only about an hour, hour and a half to read...so it fills that emotional void when you are looking for it. I enjoyed all the aspects of the story and thought she told it really well. There's not a character in this book that I didn't feel for. 

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Another author that I've been meaning to read her work...I see her name everywhere and I know I need to give it a try! This might be a great place to start since it incorporates two novellas that both sound great!