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In His Command by Rie Warren

Title:   In His Command
Author: Rie Warren
My Rating

Genre: Dystopian Romance (m/m)
Series: Don't Tell #1
Main Characters: Caspar and Nathaniel
Release Date:  August 2013
Publisher: Forever Yours
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
In the dystopian future, two men discover attraction isn't just dangerous, it's deadly.It is the year 2070. Generations ago, the world was annihilated by catastrophic environmental events. The survivors were driven to live in big city centers ruled by the Company. To rebuild the world’s population, the oppressive Company had one rule: all homosexuals must be exterminated.

Commander Caspar Cannon has a stellar military reputation—and a life-threatening secret. When a revolution rips through the territories, Cannon is ordered to escort Company executive Nathaniel Rice to a secure location. For months, the commander has harbored illicit desire for Rice, knowing he cannot act on his attraction. Privileged, polished, and groomed to one day take over the Company, Rice is drawn to the rugged, military man. Yet Rice has his own mysterious agenda, and he knows their love can be as dangerous as the wasteland they must traverse.

Now leaving the besieged city behind, the two men embark on a journey that becomes a minefield of sabotage, betrayal—and forbidden passion. But when danger catches up to them, can Cannon trust the secretive man who holds his heart—and his fate?

Word count: 97,000.

My Review:
I loved this book. It's set in a dystopian world where the Company rules and Nomads rebel. The Company world is VERY regimented. The government decides who you'll have sex with, when, how, and they also tend to watch to make sure you're doing it right. The goal is procreation. The way to escape that is to become a soldier in the Corps. That's what Caspar Cannon has done because he's gay (which is a hanging offense in this world), but he's a good soldier and has managed to climb the ranks so is fairly high up in the chain of command. 

Nathaniel is also part of the Company. He's an executive in charge of the Company's intel side. When the rebellion begins, Caspar is put in charge of getting Nathaniel to the Outpost (a  four week trip) safely. What Caspar doesn't realize is that Nathaniel is Blondie...the hot gay guy who he's been obsessing about from the underground club he attends. And that's just the beginning of the secrets that Nathaniel is hiding.

I'll admit straight up that the first few chapters in this book when the world and the intricacies of it were being introduced, it was a lot to take in and understand. I was REALLY confused. Honestly, I should go back and reread those first few chapters now that I've finished the book because I know I missed some of the important details and clues from that area of the book. But once I got into the book....and really that was at the part where Nathaniel and Caspar were on their trek, then I began to settle into the story and could understand more of what was going on.

Caspar doesn't trust Nathaniel one little bit. Honestly, in this world, being gay means you should die and Nathaniel is a high-ranking executive within the Company. He is sure that Nathaniel plans to frame him so they can use him as an example....something the Company loves to do with gay people. ...And the story evolves from there. 

I loved these two guys. The entire book is told from Caspar's pov and you think you know Nathaniel's motives, but then something happens to keep you guessing, just the way Caspar does. This is not a pleasant society and both Nathaniel and Caspar are in a no-win situation. As their tiny world becomes bigger, you begin to see a different side to the story. I had no idea how there was going to be a happy ending, but I was riveted by them and their romance....even when I was SURE there wasn't going to be a happy ending....and I HATE books like that. 

This book kept me guessing and so emotionally involved. It was gritty and beautiful....and even hopeful. I really, really loved it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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