Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wolf Bond by Mina Carter

Title:   Wolf Bond
Author: Mina Carter
My Rating:A

Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Series: Lyric Hounds #2
Main Characters: Barrett and Saxon
Release Date:  July 2013
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Barrett Simmons, head of security for the famous rock band, Lyric Hounds, has managed to avoid the band members’ less-than-subtle matchmaking attempts. Since the woman he loved was killed in action, his heart has been as dry and dusty as the sands she fell on. He doesn’t want to date, in fact he can’t think of anything worse. But he didn’t count on his sister, Melody, making a call to Madame Eve....

A car crash two years ago left werewolf Saxon Reeves with amnesia and nightmares—but the nightmares aren’t of the crash. Instead she dreams of a soldier. A human soldier she can’t get out of her head. When her family pushes her to mate with a wolf from a neighboring pack, she decides to take one night, just for herself, and contacts 1Night Stand.

The last thing she expects when she walks through the door is to come face to face with her soldier...

My Review:
I loved this book. It's short (it's a 1NS book and those are always easy reads) but it's certainly not short on story or emotion. In fact, this is a great angsty emotional read. It's a gorgeous story.

Barrett works security for the Lyric Hounds. He's the brother of Melody, from book #1 in this series, and was a soldier...until a mission went very wrong. A mission which killed the love of his life, Saxon. It's been two years and Barr can't seem to move on with his life so he accepts Melody's suggestion to set up a 1 Night Stand through Madame Eve. She does have a special, magical touch with her hook-ups and this book is no exception to that.

Saxon doesn't remember the last seven years of her life. She was in a car accident two years ago and lost a huge chunk of her life. She's had to rely on her family to fill in the blanks. What doesn't make sense though is that she doesn't dream of a car accident. She dreams of a military firefight and one man's face. 

To say that this is an emotional 1NS is putting it lightly. But it was so good. A lot of emotion and sexy times. I liked it...a LOT! It spoke right to my angst-loving heart, but was short enough that it didn't leave me feeling shredded like so many ansty books can. I'm ready for the next Lyric Hounds book. I knew I was going to like this series!

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Now this one sounds great. :-) Looks like I didn't have to wait long to hear what you thought of the other books in the series. :-D Saxon's loss of memory and the fact that she seems to have a history with our man guy without even completely realizing it. So happy you enjoyed this story!