Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Top Off Tuesday: Build Me Up by Lily Rede

Sorry...no man-nips on this one, but I still REALLY like it.

Build Me Up by Lily Rede

Story Overview:
There's been a lot of noise in Kelly Lowell's house this week, but unfortunately none of it is coming from her bedroom! The construction work next door is driving Kelly out of her mind, and a series of potential boyfriends out of her life. All she wants is someone to have a little fun with, but when her latest suitor turns out to be a big mistake, she starts to get a little desperate. A girl's ego can only take so much! She marches over to give her new neighbor a piece of her mind, but one look at all those yummy muscles and suddenly a little noise doesn't seem like such a problem.

Workaholic Grant Black wonders what happened to his sex life. He's got a new construction company, an unfinished house, and he hasn't gotten laid in months. To make matters worse, his hot new neighbor only seems interested in yelling at him. However, when Grant catches her taking her sexual frustration into her own hands, he decides to take a chance and offer up his services. After all, he can fix anything, and he's oh so good with the right tools...

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Amanda @ On a Book Bender said...

Even without man nips, this cover is still stare worthy!

Vanessa Romano said...

He's teasing us with that shirt right below his nips. He has almost lifted it to that point and now he makes us wait. Great choice this week!