Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Just Because by Mari Carr

Title:  Just Because Anthology
Author: Mari Carr
My Rating: B

Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: Because 1-3
Release Date: June 2013
Main Characters: James Brothers
Publisher: Samhain
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Because love is never wrong.

Meet the James men. Bodies of iron, nerves of steel…and hearts of gold.

Because of You
Eight months after her husband’s untimely death, Jessie isn’t ready to meet anyone new, but a gay men’s party should be safe.

Caleb James never expected to fall love at his gay brother’s party. Now he aches with love he can’t give her. What he can give her is help—ready or not.

Because You Love Me
After witnessing a murder, Bridget is tired of living in fear and convinces her guardian cops she’s safer off the grid.

It’s doesn’t take Mark and Matt James long to figure out that the safest place for Bridget is between their hot, hard bodies…

Because It’s True
Jacob James falls for Rodney the moment the NYC cop crash lands into his life. But when Rodney is shot in the line of duty, Jacob finds his affections rebuffed.

Rodney is grateful for the sexy cowboy’s help and friendship, but how can he offer Jacob his love when his future is so uncertain?

Warning: This book contains many different kinds of relationships: love through loss, a cowboy ménage a trois, biracial and homosexual love. Because love is love—no matter what shape, size or color.

I LOVED the format to this book. I was able to sit down and read the brother's stories back-to-back and that was awesome! I love a series format, but hate when I have to wait months and sometimes years between installments because it's so hard to remember details. This was the perfect format to battle that and I hope this is simply a sign of things to come. I need more series novellas released this way!

Because of You Review:

This was a good little story. There was a touch of suspense to the story line although I felt that the bad guy was pretty obvious, but the romance between Jessie and Caleb worked for me. I liked their chemistry and liked the unusual way their courtship played out. I find it a fun irony that they met at a GayFest Bash. It's definitely not where most straight people would expect to find their HEA.

It was a good story (I really liked the set-up with Jessie's background), with great characters, and a fabulous introduction to the four brothers who all live on this ranch. I just need to say "Yeehaw" because I think it's going to be a fun ride to read all their stories.

Because You Love Me Review:
I love Rodney and Bridget and their part of this story. Bridget was a witness to a murder. Rodney was the rookie NYC cop in charge of her protection. When he realized that was going to be a tougher thing to do than anyone thought, they went out on the run, knowing that someone within the department was risking her safety. They are also working together to find more clues as to why her friend Lyle was murdered. That brings them to Saratoga Wyoming where the James brothers ranch is located.

Rodney and Bridget have been on the run for about six months and both of them are feeling the effects of the forced celibacy and the whole lack of human interaction because they've been trying to lay low. (Rodney is gay.)

I'm not a huge fan of brothers loving the same woman, but this story didn't bother me as much...mainly because Matt and Mark are twins, but also because this is the first time they've ever even considered doing this type of thing. They have never been drawn to the same girl, but this situation is different...and it doesn't squick them out, so they go with it. Although, a couple of their discussions about it were rather entertaining because this is such a new situation for them. Overall, I really liked this story.

Because It's True Review:
Rodney and Jacob...YES! This was the shortest of the three stories, but I felt like it was the most fulfilling just because the story has been building over both the other two books, especially through Because You Love Me where Rodney's character played heavily into the story. These are two guys who have spent the last several months together as friends, although they've always been attracted to one another. Circumstances have been such where it just didn't make sense to hook up. But on the eve of Rodney going back to NYC, they can't resist any longer. They need at least one night...and of course, you know this is a that's never going to be enough.

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