Monday, July 1, 2013

His Roommate's Pleasure by Lana McGregor

Title:  His Roommate's Pleasure
Author: Lana McGregor
My Rating:

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: -
Main Characters: Josh and Adam
Release Date: July 2013
Publisher: Carina Press
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
It started with an accidental click…but where will it end?

Desperate to turn in a paper, Adam borrows his roommate's computer and mistakenly opens a folder that contains Josh's collection of porn. Adam had no idea that his jock roommate was gay—and into leashes, paddles and domination. And Adam, an inexperienced virgin who's only ever kissed one guy, is surprised to find himself curious about submitting…

Josh can't believe that his roommate discovered his spank bank—and he can't believe that Adam is so turned on by the thought of giving up control to someone. Taking a chance, he offers to look through the photos with Adam…and maybe try acting some of them out.

Night after night, the boys delve into their darkest fantasies of domination and submission. And as lust and experimentation grow into the promise of something deeper, Adam must decide if he's brave enough to tell Josh how he feels.

My Review:
NA for m/m. I didn't consider it going into this book, but that truly is what this book is. New Adult. The great thing about that is that these two guys are truly experimenting with something that they've never messed with before and that turns out to be really sexy. 

Adam is out  as being gay, but he's never done more than kiss another guy. Josh is a jock and has never admitted to anyone what he likes, but he has a pretty extensive gay-BDSM file on his computer. This is what Adam accidentally discovers when he borrows Josh's computer to get his paper in on-time. This is a total shock to him because he's never seen Josh as anything  but a homophobic jock like those who used to shove him into lockers in  school. 

This book worked for me simply because of how clueless the two guys are. Neither one of them realizes the other is gay or that they may have kinky predilections until suddenly faced with irrefutable and extremely sexy evidence.  I liked how they suddenly began to experiment with one another,slowly building up the level of their BDSM. It was really fun and sexy. Having  just visited my college, I could totally see how this would happen between roommates. 

There's a lot of sex in this book but that worked. It was fun and sexy and entertaining. 

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