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The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton

Title: The Reluctant Dom 
Author: Tymber Dalton
My Rating: A+ 

Genre: Erotic Romance 
Series: -
Main Characters: Kaden, Seth, and Leah
Release Date: July 2012
Publisher: Siren Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Love hurts...if you're lucky. 

Kaden's dying, but before he goes he has one problem to solve--he must ask his oldest and dearest friend, Seth, to take over as Dom and Master to his beloved wife, Leah. 

Seth has always seen himself as the perpetual screwup and Kaden as the strong and steady one, so his friend's request rocks his world. He also knows there's no way he can refuse Kaden this. 

Now Seth finds himself immersed in a role he's far from comfortable with--inflicting physical pain to provide emotional comfort to the woman he's secretly loved for years. Can he deal with his crushing grief over the impending loss of his oldest friend and still learn the skills he must master in time to become The Reluctant Dom?

My Review:
Wow, what a powerful book. I knew it would be just from what I'd heard about it and the whole basis of the story line, but the book still completely blew me away. 98% of the book is told from Seth's POV. Seth has been best friends with Kaden his entire life and Kaden has been married to Leah for twenty years. Even with all those ties though, Seth has no idea what happens behind Kaden & Leah's door until they need his help. Leah is a scarred soul after a childhood filled with abuse. She needs pain to cope, but now that Kaden is dying he's worried that she won't be able to survive without him.

Seth had no idea about anything that went on with Leah and Kaden so when Kade comes to him with this request, Seth is reeling from so many blows: his best friend is dying, his best friend wants Seth and Leah to become involved, he's moving in with them and trying to learn a completely new and bizarre lifestyle (to him) in a VERY short period of time. 

I think what surprised me the most about this book is the incredible relationship and friendship between Kaden and Seth. There is a lot of sexual overtones to this book, but their relationship never crossed that boundary between the two of them, but yet their relationship is so much more than simple friendship. I loved their bond and the way it showed through every single aspect of this book. The book is told from Seth's POV and he's honestly horrified by a lot of what Kaden and Leah are requesting of him, but he loves them too much to not go through with it. He's willing to man-up and grit his teeth even when he's completely confused and overwhelmed by what they need from him. In that regard, this book is absolutely gorgeous. 

Seth is equal parts horrified, turned on, guilty, and jealous. He's mourning and reeling from the thought of losing the absolute most important person in his life. At the same time, he's being asked to go against the respect of that relationship and do something that he would normally NEVER consider. Seth is being pulled so many different directions and I applaud Tymber Dalton for how she displayed that through the story. The book sucks you in and chews you up as you become entrenched in these characters trauma. There were so many moments throughout the reading of this book that I had tears rolling down my face. It's incredibly emotional, but it's also incredibly beautiful because of the depth of emotion all three of these characters have for each other. You can't help but to admire their strength and fortitude in the face of horrible circumstances. I mourned with them at the same time that I truly enjoyed the journey they went through. They didn't have long together, but the three of them formed an incredible team. 

As you'd expect, the book is incredibly emotional, but it is also an incredible read. I don't enjoy depressing reads, although I do love some good angst in my reading. This was some of the best. I highly recommend this book!

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