Friday, June 14, 2013

Silver Ties by Patricia Logan

Title: Silver Ties 
Author: Patricia Logan
My Rating: A- 

Genre: Erotic Romantic Suspense 
Main Characters: Zack and Cassidy
Release Date: January 2013
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
A serial killer is preying upon gay men in Los Angeles. Detective Cassidy Ryan of the LAPD is out to stop the monster before more mutilated corpses turn up. The victims have one thing in common and it leads back to an infamous online club called The website owner, Zachary Teak, is stunningly gorgeous and infuriatingly uncooperative. Having spent years in vice, investigating crimes fueled by pornography, Cassidy hates the Dom on sight. 

Zack Teak is a wealthy man and a popular Dom with a long waiting list of subs who beg to lick his boots. The moment he meets the detective, a former Navy SEAL, he is determined to help the handsome, blond hunk explore his own submissive nature but Cassidy is having none of it. 

As Cassidy closes in on the killer, he succumbs to Teak’s charms, finding that it’s okay to give up control and let Zack take charge. Join the men as they flush out a killer while trying not to become victims themselves.

My Review:
This was a really good book with the unlikely relationship between Cassidy and Zack. I think one of the reasons I liked it so much was because Cassidy was so against the relationship and what being involved with Zack would mean for him. Zack is a professional Dom....he performs as a Dom live on the internet, which goes against pretty much everything Cassidy stands for as a law enforcement officer. But Cassidy finds himself mesmerized by Zack and his incredible power and allure. Zack calls for the sub inside Cassidy that he never knew was there. 

To complicate matters, men that belong to Zack's club are being horribly mutilated and murdered. Cassidy doesn't think that Zack is involved, but it's possible that he could be so it's incredibly unprofessional for Cassidy to be sleeping with him. He's also very much in the closet when it comes to the police force. It would hurt his career if it was known that he was a gay man. 

There are so many reasons, good ones, why he shouldn't become involved with Zack, but he just can't help himself. As a reader, I love that. That undeniable, irresistible attraction that the characters can't escape. There is also a horrific murderer on the loose. My single complaint is that I think the drama with the serial killer could have been ramped up to make this a really suspenseful read too. 

But overall, it was really good and I enjoyed stepping into Zack and Cassidy's lives. 

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