Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Live and Let Love by Gina Robinson

Title:  Live and Let Love
Author: Gina Robinson
My Rating: B

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Agent Ex #3
Main Characters: Willow and Jack
Release Date: December 2012
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Though Willow Pierce has moved forward since her husband died two years ago, she can’t ignore her sixth sense that Jack is alive.When newcomer Con Russo comes to town, Willow is convinced he’s Jack. She’d never forget his eyes. Willow is determined to learn the truth about Con’s identity—even if it means brazenly seducing him.

Secret agent Jack Pierce was almost killed in an explosion that left him severely disfigured. Thanks to reconstructive surgery, he has a new face and a new life. But when the terrorist who tried to assassinate him suspects he’s still alive, Jack’s forced to go undercover—and destroy him for good. But before he can complete his mission, he must protect the only woman he’s ever loved...

My Review:
You have to go into this series with simply a fun perspective on them. The books are a little silly, a little tongue in cheek, but they are wholly fun and entertaining for a light spy-adventure read.

This book is about Jack. As a reader of the series, we've known about Jack's death throughout the last two books so it was really nice to see him come back to life. This book takes place in a small town, centered around the apple festival and harvest. Willow, is Jack's widow, and she's the town caramel/candy maker. Jack is back from the dead, undercover as Con, who is out to "take care of" the Rooster, who is in town as Shane and romancing Willow because he thinks she may know something about Jack not dying. Confused yet?? LOL, don't worry, Gina Robinson explains it much better than me. 

Jack/Con goes into this assignment knowing it's going to be tough to be so near Willow and not pursue her two years after his death. His goal is to go in and get the Rooster taken care of as soon as possible. Even he underestimates how difficult it's all going to be though. There is some emotional angst to this book because....hello, he's supposed to be dead....and Willow is onto him. But it never gets heavy or to the point where I was crying into my book. It stays light-hearted throughout. That doesn't seem right for angst, but Gina Robinson pulled it off. 

I liked the story line and the little details like Willow and Jack's dog who they both love. The scenes between Jack and the dog were just too sweet. I also liked the little details that only a wife can spot about her husbands quirks and mannerisms. Willow is a great character. She's so strong...torn between thinking Con *may* be her husband, and if he is, why doesn't he reveal that to her? She always knew he was a spy and so she's really mature in that aspect of the fact that sometimes she simply can't know it all. BUT I love the little tricks of the trade that she picked up from him over the years. Willow isn't spy-trained, but she watched her husband enough to have learned some of the tricks and I loved that she employed so many of them. Her character really made the book for me. 

Like I said, these books are just pure fun. Really perfect for a summer vacation read as we head into summer

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