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Dead Man and the Restless Spirits by Lou Harper

Title:  Dead Man and the Restless Spirits
Author: Lou Harper
My Rating
: B+

Genre: Paranormal Romance (m/m)
Series: #1
Main Characters: Denton and Bran
Release Date: July 2012
Publisher: -
Links to Purchase:
Lou Harper's website (which will have links)
Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Dying sucks hairy monkey balls, even when you're not the stiff.

Denton Mills has a secret: he can see dead people. Or rather, how they died. It's quite a drag in a city like Chicago, teeming with the echoes of the no-longer living. Rather than whine about it, Denton has learned to live with his troublesome talent. His adaptability comes in handy when he meets his enigmatic new neighbor.

Bran Maurell catches Denton's eye right away, but unfortunately Mr. Tall, Dark, and Mysterious is as standoffish as he is alluring. However, after an unexpected introduction from Bran's cat brings the two men together, Denton discovers they have a mutual interest in the spirit world. Herbalist by day, Bran moonlights as a witch, performing house cleansings for a fee.

From Bran, Denton learns that his knack for interacting with the dead qualifies him as a necromancer. It makes good business sense for them to team up and rid Chicago of its pesky spirits one grateful client at a time. Amongst ghostly adventures the attraction between the men is impossible to ignore. They seem like perfect partners—unless Bran's not-so-little secret comes between them.

Warning: men loving men, ghosts with attitudes, and a portly feline with hidden talents.

Note: Denton also plays a small but important role in Spirit Sanguine.

My Review:

I really enjoy the way that Lou writes her books. They are broken down into sub-novels that tell different stories in the overall suspense line while slowly building the romance through all the shorter stories to tell one big romantic stories. I love that. You get three mini-mysteries following the same couple as their relationship deepens. 

This book is about Denton and Bran. Denton is an outgoing necromancer. He's a smaller guy, but he makes up for it with big personality. His neighbor is the dark, mysterious, sexy Bran...who is pretty much just an unfriendly guy. I'll admit, I was partway into story number two and still wondering if I was ever going to actually like Bran's character. He's really cold and somber, BUT as the layers of why he's that way is revealed, you slowly begin to see what Denton sees in him. I really enjoyed that Lou Harper was able to twist my perceptions about Bran to such an extreme. Honestly, I remember thinking that I was going to finish this book that I was really enjoying without even really liking one of the characters... But she made me enjoy AND understand him.

But my love for Denton's character was there from page one. He's a normal guy....well, a normal guy who has a connection to dead people. But honestly, I could see meeting him at the grocery store and talking to him. You can't help but fall in love with him and his self-doubts about Bran and why exactly this gorgeous guy seems (kind of) interested in him. And as he begins to really get to know who Bran really is, you fall in love with him even more. He's just such a nice guy...which makes him such a good pairing with Bran. Bran becomes more and more human as Denton forces him out of his protective shell. Seriously, I loved Denton's character. 

Another really fun thing about Lou's books are the whole basis of the story. In this one, Denton is a necromancer. Bran, as a witch, recognises Denton's abilities and that he can do much more with then than he realizes. Bran begins to have Denton assist him on some of his cases that he's been hired for his skills as a witch...usually ones that deal with ghosts of some sort. It made for a fun (and slightly creepy) backdrop which makes this book (and Lou's other books) so different from most of the other books out there. 

Also, it should be noted, that I LOVED the addition of Bran's mother to the story. OMG, to think that he came from her is so funny. She was definitely a humorous twist to the story.

I continue to love Lou's books and her style of story telling. They are simply sweet m/m romances with a decidedly horror-like backdrop. It's such a huge contrast that it really works. I like this one and the other books that I've read by Lou Harper.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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