Monday, May 27, 2013

Warrior Unleashed by Lindsay Avalon

Title: Warrior Unleashed
Author: Lindsay Avalon
My RatingB

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Mythrian Realm #1.5
Main Characters: Saia and Achaius
Release Date: May 2013
Publisher: Blue Phoenix
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
*** Book 1.5 of the Mythrian Realm. Be sure to read Breaking the Nexus before this! Look for Waking the Phoenix, the highly anticipated sequel to Breaking the Nexus, coming soon! ***

Nothing is more dangerous than a warrior unleashed.

When Sentinels begin dying under mysterious circumstances, the deaths are believed to be unrelated. Only one man sees the truth: an unknown enemy is targeting the elite group of warriors and no one is safe. As a panther Chimerae, Achaius Rilke recognizes the signs of an unpredictable predator. The only person he can trust is Saia Makan, the tempestuous Sorceri who has driven him crazy for years. But when the killer has set his sights on Saia, Achaius faces the hunt of his life.

My Review:
I read the first book in this series and while I enjoyed reading this one, I kept questioning all the way through it, how it tied into the first book? Just know, going into this book that the books collide at the end and everything becomes clear as to how the two books relate. 

This book is about two Sentinals in the Mythrian Realm: Saia, who controls air currents, and Achaius, a panther shifter. The book opens as Saia is avoiding the memorial ceremony for her partner who was killed. Sentinals are mysteriously dying and Achaius doesn't think it's a coincidence although all the deaths have looked to just be tragic circumstances. As a panther shifter, Achaius doesn't last long with partners so he's constantly switching them up. He and Saia have been friends a long time and he's worried that something is going to happen to her so he offers to be her new partner. And of course, then something does happen to Saia...a whole lot of somethings. Someone is trying to kill her. 

I liked that Saia and Achaius have their friendship. This is a great friends to lovers to even more story. Saia has a lot of vulnerability throughout the story, but she's still such a strong character and made even more so by her bond to Achaius. I think this is one of the reason I love shifter stories so well...that mental bond they find with their mates is awesome...and just so freaking romantic. That bond between these two developed slowly over the slowly that they didn't even realize it was there until they were in the midst of life and death. Love that. 

Like I said, the end of this book collides with the end of book #1 and I cannot wait to see where the story goes from here. Throughout the books, there's this huge over-arcing mystery about why the separation between the human realm and the mythrian realm are collapsing. Lots of little questions creep up as the stories evolve and I can't wait to see what's going on when the answers start flowing in...Bring on Book #2, Waking the Phoenix.

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