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The Things I Do For You by M. Malone

Title:   The Things I Do For You
Author: M. Malone
My Rating:

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: The Alexanders #2
Main Characters: Raina and Nate
Release Date:  March 2013
Publisher: Crushstar Multimedia, LLC
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
A bargain. A baby. A billion things can go wrong. 

Nicholas Alexander doesn’t mind being called a playboy. His charm serves him well in business and a beautiful woman is always on his arm. Except the one he’s in love with.

Raina Winters doesn’t believe in love, so when she’s dumped right before her wedding, she’s more upset about losing what she really wants from marriage. A baby.

When Nick learns about Raina’s dilemma, his first reaction is to leave her hanging like she left him after their steamy one-night stand. But he finally has something Raina needs, so he offers her a deal. He’ll give her a baby if she gives him something he desires just as much. 

Just two little words.

I. Do.

WARNING: This book contains encounters with a drunken Elvis, pushy mamas, tabloid shenanigans, several occurrences of bad cooking and hot sex between two people who aren't even sure they like each other. Just saying...

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My Review:
We met these two characters in the previous book and I was excited about their story. They had an amazingly sexy single night of sex, but Raina flaked out on Nick...wanting only that single night. He should have been okay with that since he's a notorious playboy. Yeah, not so much....he wanted more, so when Raina's fiance dumps her basically in front of the media, Nick steps up and claims her.

See Raina doesn't want a guy to love....she wants a baby and a marriage bargain to go with love involved. She knows that Nick is a risk to that idea, but she gives in to his plan and they run off to Vegas for a quickie wedding. Nick just knows enough at this point to know that he wants Raina....however he can get her. He fully believes he can convince her of his love later and that they will eventually come to a happy place with love in their marriage.

I loved Nick's character. You know, he's that fantasy guy...sweet, sexy, really great in bed, can cook. He spoils Raina big-time and spends so much of the book romancing her. He really just melted my heart. When he finally gave up, I just wanted to cry for him. 

Raina wasn't as easy to like. In the book, she's a supermodel with a reality tv show based on her life. The tv show especially, I just didn't understand because you never see that in the book. She never talks to a producer, never has a film crew around. It seemed like that side of the story line just never got developed the way that it should have so that it was believable and actually worked as a plot point. Also, where she is in her life in this book is that she is so obsessed with having a baby that it's to the detriment of everything around her. Nick is just sperm to her and I swung from finding her pathetic to maddening because of it. I liked Nick's character too much to find her behavior toward him acceptable. 

Regardless of that, the book is a good read...and it does end well. I'm am still in love with the Alexander family and look forward to future installments featuring them.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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