Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Possess by J.A. Howell

Title: Possess
Author: J.A. Howell
My RatingA

Genre: Suspense
Series: The Possess Saga #1
Main Characters: Nolan and Harley
Release Date: March 2013
Purchase Links: Amazon
Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Stumbling off the bus in Midtown, Harley Martin thought she found an escape from her old life.

She soon realizes it was anything but that.

Low on cash and options, she manages to find herself a cheap but surprisingly nice apartment. The catch? The last tenant, Brody Walsh, killed himself.

Or did he?

As disturbing dreams and hauntings start to occur, Harley realizes there may be much more behind the previous tenant’s death than a simple suicide. She finds her life further entangled with his when she learns that her new boss, Nolan, was also his best friend. Could this handsome but evasive pub owner have something to do with Brody’s death?

Trying to piece together the events surrounding Brody’s death proves to be a daunting task, but Harley can’t give up. Brody won’t let her. He is still in the apartment with her, trapped in limbo until she finds his killer.

But he’s not waiting for revenge.

Harley’s next.

My Review:
This book was so good...OMG! I started it on a Saturday morning when I had a million and one things to get done, not thinking that I would get sucked in as quickly as I did, but this story grabbed me and didn't let go. So good!

Harley left her abusive, controlling fiance in the middle of the night after drugging him. She hopped on a bus going across the country and randomly chose where she got off. Her first stroke of good luck was wandering into an authentic Irish pub where she befriended the bartender, Aggie. Aggie convinced the bar owner, Nolan, that Harley would be a perfect addition to their wait staff. Next thing to find: a place to live. Harley was amazed when she found the perfect furnished apartment at an unbelievably cheap price, but there was a reason for that which she quickly found out....it was haunted by the previous tenant.

From page one this book captured me. As the reader, you are following Harley's life which is waitressing, painting, and dealing with her apartment, but there are so many questions swirling: What exactly happened that night before she left her fiance? What happened to the man with the green eyes? Is he out to hurt her or is he just trying to reach out to her? What exactly happened to Brody? What happened to Nolan? Is her fiance going to find her?J.A. Howell gives you tiny snippets of information...enough so you are never confused about what's going on, but you definitely don't know the full story. It's suspense at its best and I loved watching all the layers reveal through the story. (As a suspense writer, I am ABSOLUTELY in awe of the way that she tells her stories....so good!)

And that's just everything going on with Harley. The other side is Nolan, the Irish owner of the pub. Almost the entire story is told from Harley's POV, so all you get of him are her observations, but this is a guy sending off mixed signals.  One minute, you know that he really wants and is intrigued by her, but the next he suddenly becomes harsh and cold. Eventually you find out exactly what happened to precipitate all these changes, but again the details are revealed really slowly. It should also be noted that Nolan has a brogue, washboard abs, and curly hair...YUMMY!

I truly loved everything about this book. The characters are amazing. The story is riveting. There is the perfect balance of creepiness, suspense and romance. This book has a little bit of everything. I absolutely laughed out loud a few times, but I also cried during one section. It's just an expertly woven story and I can't wait to read more in the series.

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