Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just One Kiss by Susan Mallery

Title: Just One Kiss
Author: Susan Mallery
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Fool's Gold #11
Main Characters: Justice and Patience
Release Date: May 2013
Publisher: Harlequin
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
He won't hesitate to put his life on the line...but will he ever risk his heart?
Falling for Justice Garrett was a high point in Patience McGraw's otherwise awkward adolescence. Even after he disappeared, Patience never forgot the boy who captured her heart. Now, he's back in Fool's Gold, California, and her passion for him is as strong as ever. But how can she trust that he won't abandon her again-and her daughter, too?

When bodyguard Justice Garrett was a young man, witness protection brought him to this idyllic town and he never forgot its warmth, or the sweet beauty of his childhood friend. He's returned to open a defense academy, and the Patience he once knew is all grown up. He can't resist her smile, or her curves. But Justice's past doesn't make him husband, or father, material.

Patience and Justice think they'll succumb to just one kiss... Then one more... Okay, just one night together. But they might learn that falling in love is beyond anyone's control.

My Review:
The premise of this story was fantastic. They were just teens, Patience was 14 and Justice was 16, when he completely disappeared without a trace in the middle of the night. That day had been the day that Patience planned to confess her love for him, her best friend, but she never got the chance. So when he shows up out of the blue so many years later, it's a complete shock. Even more shocking to Patience is the fact that the emotions from her adolescent crush are still there and so much stronger. 

I enjoyed this book. I really did. I liked the premise. I loved the characters. I loved the fact that there was even a bit of suspense to the story line...I'm definitely a suspense girl. And of course, it's set in Fools Gold, so I already know and love the town. But something about the book just kept me from loving it as much as normal and I have no idea what exactly that was. Justice is really hung up on the fact that he may suddenly turn into the crazy s.o.b. his dad was, which to me seemed a lot far-fetched when he's shown no signs of that so far in his life. 

I really enjoyed that both Justice and Patience are setting up new businesses within Fools Gold and the fact that Patience's business is a coffee shop makes my little caffeinated heart happy. I think the premise of a body-guard security school is interesting too. 

This new book brings with it a new crop of characters, while still maintaining visits from all the characters of the other books. I'm really excited about the things that are setting up. I love this little town and that we slowly are coming to know everyone in it. 

Once again, and this almost goes without saying, if you are a Fools Gold fan, you are definitely going to enjoy this book. While it wasn't my favorite in the series, it was still highly entertaining. These books work completely as stand-alones so don't worry about jumping into the series at Book #11. I recommend ALL the books in the series, but reading them all in order is certainly not necessary.

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