Thursday, May 16, 2013

Glass Ceiling by Bruce H. Graw

Title: Glass Ceiling
Author: Bruce H. Graw
My Rating: B+

Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy
Series: Glass Trilogy #1
Main Characters: Howard and Kayla
Release Date: December 2012
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Sexual Intensity: mild

Story Overview:
Lovely but heartless, Kayla Robertson rules over her department with an iron fist, treating her subordinates as stepping-stones in her quest for an elusive promotion to upper management. Unbeknownst to Kayla, one of those oppressed subordinates, a former molecular engineer named Howard Taylor, is obsessed with her beyond all reason. Using secret knowledge thought lost in a catastrophic lab explosion, Howard constructs a device quite literally capable of cutting Kayla down to size...

My Review:
B+ rating
I'll admit, I read this book as a favor to a friend, expecting poor writing, typos, and a sluggish story. Wow, was I ever wrong!  This book was fabulous. I read the first chapter and then had to walk away for family stuff. I came back and fully intended to only read one more chapter, thinking that first chapter was a pleasant fluke, but had something more enticing waiting to be read. Three hours later, I was done and climbing onto the net with my e-reader to order book #2. This book was that good!

This book is about Howard. Howard's an extremely intelligent guy, who earned a dual degree in Engineering and Accounting. His first job was part of a research team developing a product. Something went really bad in the lab...several people were hurt, including him and several died so the research program was shut down. Howard went on to find another job with his accounting skills, but he didn't abandon his research...instead he just continued doing it in his basement. He's developed a shrink machine. 

Overall, Howard's life is pretty good except for one person....his boss Kayla, who's gorgeous, but completely cold, frigid, and demanding. Howard decides that he will take care of Kayla and shrink her. She's made his life miserable and he's ready for a bit of payback. He's created this whole world for her to live in, in his basement...a glassed-in case that looks like an incredibly realistic model....because everything in it is real, just shrunk. 

There are four basic characters in this book: 
1. Howard, who's awkward and geeky, but is a super-intelligent guy. He tries to do his job and he does it well. He does not handle intimidation from Kayla well.
2. Kayla, who gets a bit of pleasure from tormenting her employees. She's gorgeous and fit and knows that she looks good, but she has hidden depths and reasons she is the way that she is.
3. Stephen, who works with Kayla and Howard. He's pretty much a slacker who's gotten by on his charisma and charm. He's the popular guy, but underneath it all, kind of skeazy.
4. Leonard, the police detective investigating Kayla's disappearance. He considers things in a non-normal way and isn't afraid to kind of bend the rules.

This is the first installment of the book and I'm really intrigued. There's not a reversal for Kayla's shrinkage, so I have so many questions and possibilities about how the story could play out. I'm anxious to see where Bruce Graw takes it.

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