Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Fix by Anne Tenino

Title:  The Fix
Author: Anne Tenino
My Rating: A 

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series:  Whitetail Rock #2
Main Characters: Nik and Jurgen
Release Date: December 2011

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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

Confident almost to the point of arrogance, Jurgen never worried about his boyfriend leaving him until he overheard Nik telling his best friend he wants to move out of town. That's when the macho cop realizes that maybe asking Nik to move back to tiny Whitetail Rock—where he was tormented when he was younger for being gay and looking different—wasn't Jurgen's most brilliant idea. Now he's on a mission to find a way to fix things so Nik will stay. Which should be no problem because he's good at fixing stuff, right?

Nik isn't sure what he was thinking, moving back to his hometown after graduating with his MFA. Jobs in his field are non-existent and reminders of some of the worst times in his life are abundant. But Jurgen lives in Whitetail Rock, and Nik is willing to put up with a hell of a lot to be with him. Except maybe Jurgen's own efforts to "fix" something that's not broken...

My Review:

I loved this novella. Jurgen and Nik are in a committed relationship. In fact, Nik has moved back home to Whitetail Rock to move in with Jurgen, but Jurgen overhears Nik on the phone with Sam. Nik is telling Sam that he regrets the move back to his hometown, so Jurgen takes it upon himself to fix the situation.

The book switches back and forth between Jurgen and Nik's POV and I loved that. Poor Jurgen is in a panic over the fact that he thinks Nik is leaving him. I loved how much he's committed to their relationship and willing to do to "fix" things for Nik. 

As far as Nik's character goes....I liked him so much better in this book than I did the first novella. His empathy for Miller is awesome and I loved how he helped Jurgen see the wrong in what he was doing. 

I love these two characters together. I loved them in Too Stupid to Live, but now that I know their backstory, I love them even more. I need to reread that book with this new perspective on their characters. 

All of Anne Tenino's books are written with such a fun sense of humor as well as being super sexy...LOVE that combination. She writes great character-driven books and these two novellas are no exception to that. 

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