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Word & Deed by Susannah Noel

Title: Word and Deed
Author: Susannah Noel
My Rating: B+

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Wordless Chronicles #2
Main Characters: Riana, Mikel, and Connor

Release Date: December 2012
ISBN: ebook
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: mild

Story Overview:
Until three months ago, Riana lived a safe, quiet life as a Reader for the Union government, but her life is no longer quiet or safe.

She is now part of an underground rebellion, working closely with Connor, the covert leader of the movement and her best friend. Together, they’re trying to translate a mysterious book that might give them answers about the disaster that transformed their world.

Union officials want to arrest them, and radical Zealots want to destroy them. And Mikel, her Soul-Breather boyfriend, wants Riana to stop putting herself in danger for a cause he doesn’t support.

Then it gets even worse, when the Zealots start to frame them for violent acts of terrorism. Riana has to stay alive and juggle conflicting loyalties, deciding who to trust, where her heart lies, and what she really believes in.

My Review:
This book is settling into the series and as such seemed to move a bit slower for me than the first did. It picks up just a couple of months where the last book left off. Connor and Riana are still working behind the scenes with the rebellion Front. Mikel is back after establishing a new identity outside the Union. Things are going along pretty much as normal for this small group until it becomes apparent that the Zealots are ramping things up.

Suddenly there are attacks on the capital and the Union that make it look like the Front is getting violent. That's completely untrue. For some reason the Zealots have decided to get rid of the Front and this is their method for doing so.

Things are also ramping up between Mikel and Riana. In this society, sex is extremely blase. It's simply a physical act. For those within the Front, they still believe in meaningful sex and marriage. Mikel has asked Riana to marry him, which she refused and he wants to have sex with her, but she refuses to take that final step also. This completely confuses Mikel. He's given up everything for Riana, even though he truly doesn't believe in what the Front stands for. He doesn't really believe that their little rebellion can make a difference and he hates that her participation puts Riana in danger. But you have to love the guy...he is 100% supportive of her. He doesn't pressure her or try to convince her otherwise. This is NOT a guy trying to change her. He accepts her beliefs and even though he doesn't share them, he does help out because he knows it will help her in the end. I love his character for that.

Then there's Connor. He continues to hide his feelings for Riana knowing that she's in love with Mikel. He just wants her to be happy. Although he doesn't think that things can last with Mikel because they have a different belief system, he won't be the guy who messes that up for her. Again, this is a guy that you can't help but love because he is putting Riana's needs above his own.

Then there's the end. OMG, can we say cliffhanger?? Not in the way that you want to rip the book in  half like some author's do, but Susannah Noel definitely made it so that you NEED the next book as soon as humanly possible. OMG...I love where this series is going and can't wait to see what happens next...

I love what these books stand for. Seriously, if you love books and what the written word means to society, you need to read this series. Here's a quote that I pulled out of this book. Susannah, you need to market this quote. I want it on a coffee cup and maybe a journal or two. Seriously, powerful...
"If you write it down, a word endures."

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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