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Too Stupid to Live by Anne Tenino

Title: Too Stupid to Live
Author: Anne Tenino
My RatingA+

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: #1
Main Characters: Sam and Ian
Release Date: January 2013
ISBN: 978-1937551858
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
It isn't true love until someone gets hurt.

Sam’s a new man. Yes, he’s still too tall, too skinny, too dorky, too gay, and has that unfortunate addiction to romance novels, but he’s wised up. His One True Love is certainly still out there, but he knows now that real life is nothing like fiction. He’s cultivated the necessary fortitude to say “no” to the next Mr. Wrong, no matter how hot, exciting, and/or erotic-novel-worthy he may be.

Until he meets Ian.

Ian’s a new man. He’s pain-free, has escaped the job he hated and the family who stifled him, and is now—possibly—ready to dip his toe into the sea of relationships. He’s going to be cautious, though, maybe start with someone who knows the score and isn’t looking for anything too complicated. Someone with experience and simple needs that largely revolve around the bedroom.

Until he meets Sam.

Sam’s convinced that Ian is no one’s Mr. Right. Ian’s sure that Sam isn’t his type. They can’t both be wrong . . . can they?

My Review:

It's been a LONG time since I read a book where I was sad that I was getting close to the end. This was one of those books. OMG, I LOVED THIS BOOK!! I thought I would enjoy it, but had no idea that I would fall so completely in love with it and these two characters...Ian & Sam. OMG, Loved THEM! To tell you how much I loved them...immediately after shutting down the Kindle (I received an e-ARC), I immediately got onto Amazon and ordered a print copy of the book. 

There are two VERY different men who make up the romance in this story. First is Sam. Sam is tall, awkward, gangly, and fairly socially inept. Everything about him screams that he's gay. But he's a serious closet, really he is...he buys and reads romance novels (especially ones featuring Highlanders) in secret. He hopes to someday find his own HEA, but so far, the two men he's dated have been sadly lacking. See, the kind of guy that Sam's attracted to (see above Highlander) is NOT the type of guy who's attracted to Sam. If anything, the guys who've shown some attraction to Sam are enough for him to forget even dating...yes, they have been that horrible of losers.

Ian is the exact opposite. He's a man's man...who just happens to be gay. He was a fireman with the accompanying hot body until an accident over a year ago has made him question everything. He decided to leave the fire dept, move to where he can be accepted for who he is (i.e. gay), and has determined to stop with the random hook-ups and make real emotional connections with his partners.

When the two meet, Sam is drooling all over Ian to the point he does something that he's never done before...he asks him out. Ian shoots him down flat. Sam is NOT his least that's what he thinks, but strangely enough, his thoughts continue to linger on the stranger he met in the park. So when he sees Sam again at his cousins party, he goes for it even though his cousin warned him off. His type or not...he wants Sam.

This book is such an amazing read. It's seriously funny. I laughed out loud throughout the entire book. Sam and his fascination with romance novels kills me. He has a completely unique perspective on the world and his place in it. The title of the book? That's how he sees himself...the heroine in the book getting chased by the bad guy, falling and scrambling, but she's going to die because she's Too Stupid To Live. That's how he sees his relationship with Ian. He knows that Ian is way out of his league and just using him for hot sex, but he keeps going back for more, even though he knows that his heart is going to get shredded in the end. Then there's Ian...he's never totally come out before. No one ever questions his sexuality. He's one of those guys. He's straight, no question about it and he just never enlightens anyone differently. But after the accident, he started seeing a psychologist and realized that the way he's been living isn't healthy. He knows the right thing to do, but just because he knows it, doesn't make it necessarily easy.

I cannot stress how amazing this book was. Absolutely, first and foremost, it was entertainingly funny, but it was also emotional and there were moments that were so romantically sweet that I just wanted to cry. And yeah, it was REALLY hot too. Oh my! Ian has a bit of a dominant streak in him which makes Sam completely melt. HOT!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. When I was finished with it, I went and bought a print copy of the book so I could have it on my keeper shelf. LOVED IT!

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