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The Officer Breaks the Rules by Jeanette Murray

Title: The Officer Breaks the Rules
Author: Jeanette Murray
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Semper Fi #2
Main Characters: Jeremy and Madison
Release Date: January 2013
ISBN: 9781402265433
Publisher: Sourcebooks
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:

Some Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

He's Ruled by Loyalty...

Every man knows that you don't date your best friend's little sister, but Captain Jeremy Phillips can't seem to be convince Madison O'Shay to stay away. And he can't convince himself to stop thinking about her, either.

She's Ruled by Love...
Madison knows exactly what she wants...and whom. But she won't give up her career in the Navy for any man, not even Jeremy.
They're both about to learn that in the game of love, it's all about breaking the rules.

My Review:
I really enjoyed the first book in this series, but wasn't sure if that would continue because so much of what I liked in the first book was so heavily story-based. Luckily, this book lived up to my expectations. It was really good and entertaining.

At the heart of this book is Madison and Jeremy. Madison probably gets more face time in this book, but truly this is a book about Jeremy. Jeremy is the only child of a retired Marine. His mom died when he was four and it's only been the two of them and his dad's military career. Jeremy's father has certain expectations for his son's career. Expectations and hopes that Jeremy doesn't necessarily share. Jeremy has spent the last ten years as a Marine, but there isn't anything about his life that he's passionate about. He goes to work and does what's expected, he lives in a dump that he couldn't care less about, but he has two things which get him going...Madison and writing... neither of which fits into his life as a career Marine. So it's not something that he's not so sure he wants to continue anymore.

This book is about Jeremy's journey to accept that it's okay to live his life according to his dreams, not his father's. While I loved the story and the meaning behind it, I did have a little bit of an issue with the fact that this was such a hard decision for Jeremy to make at 33 years old. It just doesn't fit in with the kind of guy I normally like as a hero. I'm all ready for my heroes to be conflicted about love and relationships, but it's a bit harder to swallow when they have those same type of conflicts about the basics of their lives and standing up for what they want out of life. BUT while I didn't necessarily admire that part of the story, it did not take away my enjoyment of the story. I thoroughly LOVED reading this book and watching Jeremy and Madison figure it all out.

I loved how tough Madison is. She's also active-duty in the military as a nurse in the Navy. She's best friends with a gay civilian who works with her, Matthew, and I LOVED their relationship and how he gets all in Jeremy's face about stepping up with his feelings for Madison. She's Tim's younger sister (hero from Book #1 in this series) and Tim and Jeremy are best friends. It makes for a little bit of a sticky situation, but Madison does not back down from what she wants. She's feisty and not afraid to stand up for anything. You can't help but to love her and her attitude.

Then there's Jeremy. Even though he was a wuss about his dad throughout most of the book, my heart broke for him too. He's so torn, but he has such an incredible passion for writing. I only dream of having an all-consuming passion like that and as a writer, I loved reading about his obsessive writing moments. And then there's his passion for Madison. He's obsessed about her and so does not want to be. In his eye, this just isn't something that's acceptable as a friend to Tim.
But. He. Just. Can't. Help. Himself.
*sigh* I liked him and Madison both as individuals, but I loved them together even more.

Overall, I LOVE this group of six friends. I cannot wait to read Veronica and Dwayne's story. What we've seen of them so far has me completely intrigued. I NEED to know what Veronica's story is and the moments Skyping with Dwayne when he's just lonely while deployed broke my heart. I cannot wait!!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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Ashley Montgomery said...

Great review. The synopsis and your thoughts have definitely got me intrigued. Looks like I will adding a new series to my ever-growing TBR pile. :)