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Promo- Operation: Endeavor by Christi Snow

Hi, everyone! I'm so excited because my second book, Operation: Endeavor released this week, so I thought I would take a bit of time on my book review blog to tell you about it.

Book Details:
Title: Operation: Endeavor
Series: When the Mission Ends Book #2
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 92,000 words

Purchase Links: 
Amazon...ebook ($2.99) or paperback ($12.99)
Story Overview:
Colton Robertson left his career in the Air Force…
… to come home and help his family heal. Unfortunately, his reception was not quite what he’d hoped for and he ended up as roommate to hippy dippy yoga instructor Penelope Pruitt.
Penelope has spent her life under the restrictive thumb of her parents and she doesn’t want to do the same with the straight-laced, serious Colton. But when it becomes apparent that Penelope’s life is in danger, Colton won’t settle for anyone else protecting Penelope besides him.
Opposites attract and that’s definitely the case with Colton and Penelope. On the surface, they don’t have anything in common, but as the sparks fly and the danger ramps up, their passion is inevitable.
About the series:
The series is about a group of friends who live in West Texas. The guys are all military (Air Force) and the girls all have ties to the local University. The series begins when a military mission involving Jake (hero from book #1) and Chris (sibling to Cassie, heroine from book #1 and Colton, hero from book #2) that went wrong. That single mission affects the story line in all three of the books and this group of six friends’ lives.

All three books can absolutely stand alone, but the lives of these six friends are very intertwined so you see glimpses (and more) of all of them in all of the books.

A little bit more:
One of the things that I love about these books are the way all the characters interact with each other, whether they are the friends or the siblings. They have fun relationships. They absolutely give each other a hard time, but are there for each other when one of them is hurting or in danger. 

I thought it might be fun to give you a couple of quotes from this book so you can get a feel for that.

The following scene is between the Robertson siblings and Penelope. Penelope and Colton are arguing about who is going out to a possibly dangerous situation:

“Come on guys,” Cassie called from the backseat of the Bus. “Why don’t you go together? Chris and I’ll watch from the safety of the Bus and will call the police if either of you go down.”

Colton swung an incredulous look around at her. “In case we go down?”

“What? It might happen and you’ll have us here for backup. Right now it’s,” she looked down at her watch and groaned, “3:30 AM and you all are acting like you’re going to sit here and argue all night. This night needs to end sometime soon, or else I’m going to be begging someone to shoot me.”

The following scene is between the three girlfriends. I love them. They all have such different personalities, but they are so fun together...

"I want to be able to look back at my life and know I lived it like one of these heroines.” She leapt up and pounded the cover of the book she was holding which showed the heroine standing in between two gorgeous hunks.

At the looks on both her friend’s faces, Julie looked at the book and sank back down to the floor, blushing once again. “Okay, well maybe not exactly like the heroine in this particular book.” She took another deep drink of wine and went back to examining the cover. She looked at Penelope, curiosity glowing through her hazel eyes. “You haven’t ever…” She flung her hand at the cover of the book.

This time it was Penelope blushing. Both her friends looked at her in surprise, but it was Cassie who spoke in a hushed voice, “No way.”

“What? It was college. I was a theater major. The parties sometime got a little out of hand.”

Cassie looked at Julie. “Who knew the theater parties were where we needed to be?”

They both looked at her with a newfound respect. “I sure didn’t,” said Julie.

Penelope just rolled her eyes at the two of them. “It wasn’t as hot as you’d think. Honestly, I think I was just there as an excuse for two straight guys to experiment with each other.” She winked at them.

“Oh wow,” Julie muttered, “I’ve definitely been missing out.”
Author Links:

Link for Book #1, Operation: Endgame:

Story Overview:
It’s been six months.

Six months since Jake Madsen let Chris Robertson die.

Six months since the passion between Jake and Cassie, Chris’ sister, stepped over the line.

But now Cassie’s being stalked and it’s time for Jake to swallow his guilt, grief, and lust so he can save her life, even if it’s a life without him. He owes it to his dead friend and he owes it to Cassie. He’s fallen in love with her, but she doesn’t have to know that for him to keep her safe.

Books still to come:
  • Before the Mission Begins (novella) releasing Valentine's Day, 2013
  • Operation: Endurance (book #3) releasing late April, 2013

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