Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fireman's Carry by Charlie Richards

Title: Fireman's Carry 
Author: Charlie Richards
My RatingA-

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Carry Me #1
Main Characters: Carl and Vince
Release Date: July 2012
ISBN: ebook
Publisher: eXtasy Books
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Keeping an open mind can lead to a full heart.

Carl Lewis has little joy in his life. He’s recently struggled through a painful divorce, has partial custody of his two kids, and is learning to rearrange his schedule so work as a detective is no longer first. It’s not easy. Then he meets his new neighbor, Vincent Androse, an openly gay firefighter who just went through a bad break-up of his own. He gives the man a hand moving furniture, and they strike up a friendship that starts to fill holes in Carl’s life he didn’t even know were there.

Vincent moves to get away from his cheating ex-boyfriend, Lonnie. His new house is big and empty, and he finds himself enjoying the Friday night BBQs with his new friend, Carl, even with the man’s kids there. When Lonnie shows up, begging for him to come back, again, and refuses to leave, Carl steps in, pretending to be the new boyfriend. Vincent discovers Carl can kiss—really kiss, and he starts wanting things the straight cop can’t give him. Can he?

My Review:
This was a book that was a pure joy to read just because these characters are so wonderful and have such great dialogue. Constantly throughout reading this one, I found myself with a smile on my face...just loving the repartee between them.

Both Carl and Vince have just gone through bad break-ups. Carl just divorced his wife of 16 years after finding out that she cheated on him. Vince has just left his boyfriend of 8 years for the same reason. The men bond over their mutual broken hearts and become friends when Vince moves in across the street. They are just friends...Carl is absolutely straight, but when he comes home from work one day to find Vince's ex harassing him, Carl pretends to be Vince's boyfriend. It's purely a ploy to get rid of the ex, but that kiss sends both these guys to a place they hadn't even considered before. (It's really HOT!)

There was so much I loved about this book. I already talked about the guys...they are awesome together. Vince is a fireman, Carl is a cop/detective. They are immediate friends...they just click and that comes across the page loud and clear. Carl has two kids: a 15 yo son and a 10 yo daughter that he shares custody with his ex. I loved what the kids perspective adds to the story especially the 15 yo son...he sees the chemistry between these guys before they ever recognize it for what it is. I loved that!

The ONLY thing that caused me pause in this book was Carl's easy acceptance of his sexuality change after 35 years. Yes, he has issues with coming out, but he never has any question about the fact that he's suddenly drawn to a guy. I just didn't feel that was realistic as I think that most people would have some mental qualms about such a sudden and radical change into such a basic truth about themselves. BUT despite that, the book was so good, I definitely could overlook that slight niggle.

Really, truly a great read. There's supposed to be a second book coming out in this series in December and I already have it on my wish list!

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