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Undercover Professor by December Gephart

Title: Undercover Professor 
Author: December Gephart
My RatingB-

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: Andy and Lucy
Release Date: November 2012
ISBN: ebook
Publisher: Carina Press
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Rule Number One: Must not lie.
Rule Number Two: Must not live with parents.
Rule Number Three: Must have a job.
Rule Number Four: Must not be a friend's ex.

These dating rules shouldn't be hard for Lucy Benoit to follow—after all, she made them. But she didn't plan on falling for Andy Sullivan, a scruffy-yet-attractive man who lives with his mother and is between jobs. These should be deal-breakers, but in other ways Andy is just her type. And there's something intriguing about him…

Andy isn't the geeky gamer he claims to be—not by a long shot. But what seemed like a harmless social experiment has put his chances of a relationship with Lucy at risk. Even if she can get past the silly rules she has set for herself, will she ever forgive him for breaking Rule Number One?

My Review:

This book was set up to be a really fun and entertaining contemporary read and for the most part it fulfilled that.

Lucy is a character with a fairly harsh back story that's left her with quite a few scars when it comes to men. As a result, she's set up rules to protect herself from dating the wrong guy. The problem....the rules don't work. According to the rules, Dell who she's dating with absolutely zero chemistry is perfect for her according to the rules. Andy, who she has TONS of chemistry with, breaks every single one of the rules..

At the beginning of the book, Andy is a man on a mission. He's doing research incognito while he's helping his mother recover from hip replacement. Andy is really Drew, a professor and well-known gaming specialist within the community, from the West Coast. He wants to write a new article about how gamers can be more successful at picking up women. The problem...he's a fairly well-known figure so he has to do it anonymously so the results aren't skewed. Doing this while at mom's place is the perfect plan....until he meets Lucy, the girl of his dreams who's number 1 rule is 'no lying'.

The first 60-70% of this book, I really enjoyed it. I was enjoying the characters and the story, which I felt was pretty creative. The problem...something happened mid-book that made the author change Andy's character. Suddenly he became a real jerk...both when he was Professor Drew and when he was plain old Andy. I understood that this was a guy with an ego before he became Andy, but he seemed more likable throughout the first part of the book. Still normal. And I certainly didn't read him to be a man-whore before...only after a piece of tail, which is the way he was presented the last part of the book. I don't understand the change. The conflict was there before, but for about 20% of the book in there, the author took that conflict to the extreme and it just didn't seem in line with the story throughout the other 80% of the book.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy the majority of the book and the author did pull off an ending that I liked, so in my point of view, she saved it in the end. It was just that middle bit that really put a bad flavor in my mouth. And maybe I just misinterpreted the character to begin with. He just didn't strike me as that big of a jerk, besides the fact that he's lying and trying to play himself off as a geeky gamer who lives with his mom and has no job.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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