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Men Of Smithfield: Adam and Holden by L.B. Gregg

Title: Men Of Smithfield: Adam and Holden 
Author: L.B. Gregg
My RatingA

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Men of Smithfield #4
Main Characters: Adam and Holden
Release Date: November 2012
ISBN: ebook
Publisher: Carina Press
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Holden Worthington's globetrotting days are over. Once the host of a popular adventure show, he hasn't ventured past his own front door in more than a year. Then the arrival of a sexy new gardener sparks something Holden hasn't felt in a very long time—an interest in the world outside his window.

Holden tries to resist the attraction. But painfully shy yet definitely interested Adam Morgan has Holden longing to conquer his debilitating anxiety and live again. After a grisly discovery on the grounds of the estate, the town of Smithfield turns a suspicious eye on the reclusive Holden—and the two men must trust in each other to bring the truth out in the open.

Previously published, newly revised by author.

My Review:
The heroes in this book are really different, but I liked it. 

Holden is a 40 year old recluse suffering from debilitating agoraphobia. If he goes outside, he passes out. The most mind-boggling thing about this is that he used to live his entire life outdoors and under the spotlight. He's an award-winning author who spent five years trotting the globe, recreating the amazing adventures of his books for national TV. It all fell apart when his partner both on the TV show and in life outed him and ambushed him on a live talk show about his secret life writing gay erotica. The agoraphobia grew from that backlash. Now he stays indoors...ALL. THE. TIME.

I loved Holden's character and the entire story is told from his POV. He's snarky, and self-depricating, and horny, and so darn funny. His internal thoughts kept me giggling the whole time. He knows that he has severe psychological problems and with his new infatuation/lust over his new gardener, Adam, he can now add pervert to the list (his words, not mine).

Adam is only twenty-four years old. He has his own social issues. He cannot (truly is NOT able to do it) read innuendo or subtext to what people are telling him. He doesn't get jokes, or insults, or any of those subtle things that we all read into what people are telling us. He's also gay. As a result, he's learned to stay away from people because he doesn't get the subtle clues that tell him when he needs to back off or feel threatened or even that someone is attracted to him. He's been hurt both mentally and physically because of it and has learned that it's just easier to not put himself out there in any regard.

When Holden learned this, there was no holding him back. Holden is one of those guys who is in your face, telling you like it is...pure honesty, no holds barred. But for these two, that's what they need. Honestly, age aside, they are truly the perfect pairing up of people and I loved their romantic story. They are both such misfits, but they fit so well together.

There is also a great mystery/suspense story line in this book. Adam finds a dead body (who just happens to be Holden's ex-lover's current love) buried in the garden. Honestly, I had NO IDEA who did it until it was revealed in the book. That story line was done REALLY well. Usually, I have some sort of idea, but I was guessing all wrong on this one and when it was revealed, I could see it clearly. The clues were there, they were just woven in so amazingly well that I didn't catch them. 

This is book #4 in this series. I haven't read the other three yet, but they are definitely going into my TBR to read SOON! Just a great book!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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