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Inertia by Amelia C. Gormley

Title: Inertia 
Author: Amelia C. Gormley
My RatingB+

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Impulse #1
Main Characters: Derrick and Gavin
Release Date: July 2012
ISBN: ebook
Publisher: -
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:


Quiet, down-to-earth Detroit handyman Derrick Chance has had enough loss for a lifetime and he has no intention of ever risking his heart again. Living alone in the old house his grandparents left him, with only his dog and a few close friends for companionship, he has written off the possibility of romance or even sex. He refuses to consider himself lonely, or wonder what he might be missing. His life is organized, predictable, and, best of all, risk-free.

Until the day he installs shelves for accountant Gavin Hayes. With his contradictory combination of confidence and self-doubt, Gavin draws Derrick in with an intensity he's never known. As undeniable as gravity, Derrick finds himself falling for Gavin in defiance of all his usual slow and methodical ways. But Gavin carries wounds of his own. Fresh from an emotionally abusive relationship that ended with a dangerous betrayal, his future is far from certain. Can Derrick choose passion over safety, and let himself believe that Gavin is worth the risk?

My Review:
It's interesting the way that the author is setting up this series. This is a trilogy following the story of two men, Derrick and Gavin, through Derrick's eyes. At the time of writing this review, I haven't yet read the other two installments, but it seems to me that the author is setting up the books to show the stages of dating for this couple. I like that idea. As the first in the series, this book is showing how Derrick and Gavin come to be in a relationship.  That isn't as straight-forward as you would think. Gavin still has some lingering issues from his former boyfriend. We just see glimpses of this in this book, but I have a feeling that is going to come more into play in books #2 and #3.

For Derrick, this is a relationship that he never saw coming. For seven years (through high school and college) he dated the same girl. They grew apart, broke up, but still remained friends. That break-up was ten years ago. She knew he was attracted to boys when they broke up and now she's urging him to get out there and "live"...because he's never done that.  When they broke up, he was the primary caregiver to his grandparents who raised him. He basically spent three years watching them die. As a result, he just never felt the urge to try for another relationship. He had a HUGE physical blow to his psyche  with her break-up and their death and he just doesn't want to open his heart to a possibility of pain like that again. 

And the thing is...Derrick is such a nice guy, but completely clueless when it comes to a relationship. He doesn't know the protocol for even the most basic of dating rituals...flirting, asking someone out, first kiss, etc. You can't help but fall in love with and hurt for his character. He is so far out of his element here...with dating in general, much less dating a guy which he has NEVER done. While reading you want to just give him a hug and then a shove towards Gavin.

To me, Gavin is more your typical gay guy. He's very put together and usually self-confident, but there are cracks. You don't get any of the story from his POV, but you get to where you can spot that all isn't quite as it seems. Something has happened to him to fracture his self-confidence. There are lingering things going on here which makes him reluctant to get involved with Derrick, even though he obviously wants to become involved.

This book was a great start to the series and I can't wait to see where this couple goes from here, because things have definitely just begun and it's obviously not going to be all smooth sailing. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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