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Fair Game (audiobook) by Patricia Briggs

Title: Fair Game (audiobook)
Author: Patricia Briggs
Narrator: Holter Graham
My RatingA

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Alpha and Omega #3
Main Characters: Anna and Charles
Release Date: March 2012
ISBN: audiobook
Publisher: Penguin Audiobooks
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
They say opposites attract. And in the case of werewolves Anna Latham and Charles Cornick, they mate. The son-and enforcer-of the leader of the North American werewolves, Charles is a dominant alpha. While Anna, an omega, has the rare ability to calm others of her kind.

Now that the werewolves have revealed themselves to humans, they can't afford any bad publicity. Infractions that could have been overlooked in the past must now be punished, and the strain of doing his father's dirty work is taking a toll on Charles.

Nevertheless, Charles and Anna are sent to Boston, when the FBI requests the pack's help on a local serial killer case. They quickly realize that not only the last two victims were werewolves-all of them were. Someone is targeting their kind. And now Anna and Charles have put themselves right in the killer's sights.

My Review:
Every time I read one of these books (ahem, or listen to them as the case may be), I fall a little bit more in love with this series. This series follows mated couple, Anna & Charles. Anna is an Omega wolf, who is young for a wolf...three years old and she spent most of that time being tortured and abused by her pack. Charles is the son of Bran, the head of ALL the North American packs. He's not an Alpha of a pack, but as Bran's son, he is more powerful than most the Alpha's. He's instead the enforcer...the assassin who puts down the wolves who get out of control. He's extremely powerful. 

Up to this point in the series, Charles has definitely had the power-position within their relationship. That's changed in this book just because the wolves status has changed. They've come out to humans and as such are under much more rigorous scrutiny for their actions. Punishments now come swiftly and without question, which means that Charles is having to kill way more than he's ever had to do before. This has never been a role that he's been comfortable in. He can do it and honestly, is the only one who can, but it's killing his human side and Anna can see it. He's buckling under the stress and guilt of his job. She's the only one who can see it and she's fighting for him and with him with everything that she has....and this girl has a LOT!

I loved the change in this book, but it's no secret that I love a vulnerable hero...and Charles is hurting so much in this book. I love the relationship between him and Anna. She stands up to him when there is no one besides his father who will do so. To everyone else, he's frightening. To her, he's her safety and salvation. They have such a gorgeous, fragile relationship...and it means so much to both of them. One of the most beautiful things that Patricia Briggs does in these books is show how truly terrified both these characters are of losing the other. It's truly beautiful and fragile, which is so opposite of everything else within this wolf society and the story lines which are all really hard and harsh. It's an incredible dynamic as a reader.

In this book, Anna & Charles are working with the FBI and several other alphabet government offices trying to solve a serial killer who appears to be targeting werewolves and fae. I loved this aspect of the story. I had NO IDEA who the bad guy was and thought this was a great use of Anna & Charles' skills. I am really hoping that this is a new direction for them within the series because I really liked it. They do crime investigation REALLY WELL!! Although there was a HUGE shocker at the end (don't's not a cliffhanger...just something that's definitely going to affect this world in a big way in the future books) so I'm excited to see where that goes.

Another fabulous installment....and OMG, I just have to add that I could listen to Graham Holter all day especially when he's using his Charles voice. YUM!

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