Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bad Vibes by J.D. Faver

Title: Bad Vibes
Author: J. D. Faver
My Rating: B

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: The Edge of Texas #3
Main Characters: Mike and Darla
Release Date: October 2012
ISBN: e-book
Publisher: -
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
When government agent Mike “The Iceman” Burke invades her South Padre Island turf, Deputy Darla Calhoun is assigned as liaison officer to his team. Her skills as a sniper come in handy when a gang of human traffickers strikes close to home, kidnapping local women including her best friend.

Darla is recovering from her husband’s suicide and trying to be a good parent to her twin sons. The ICE assignment takes her out of her misery and plunges her into a dangerous mission and a steamy affair.

Mike and Darla tear up and down the Intracoastal Waterway in search of the kidnappers and the captive women while Rafael and Javier conduct their own investigation. Will they rescue the captive women or will the kidnappers slaughter them as they have done in the past? Two teams race to find the answers before it's too late.

My Review:
I'm always amazed at how well J.D. writes suspense and this book is full of it. Another thing that she does really well is to interweave two couples into the story line. 

In this book, the main love interest is Mike and Darla. Mike is an ICE agent working with his partner Freddy to monitor the comings and goings along the IntraCoastalWaterway (I think I got that right). Darla is a deputy for the Sheriff's Department. Their meeting is one of the best ever, especially since it involved a strip search of Mike. ;o) I like that Darla is tough...she's the best sharpshooter in the department and rocks the body armor. She also has her share of troubles. Her husband committed suicide six months ago, leaving her feeling betrayed and  alone to raise five year old twin boys. Luckily, she has a HUGE family in the area that she can count on them to help out. For Darla, her life revolves around her family.

Mike is an ICE agent. He goes where the job calls him and never knows where he's going to be from week to week. His job is his life and, until he meets Darla, has never considered anything else as even a possibility. He's aware that he does a difficult job that not many could or would want to do...and that it serves to keep people safe who otherwise wouldn't have a chance. When he starts to think about another life with Darla, he's torn between his duty and his heart. 

The other couple in this book are Javier and Cassie. We saw them fall in love in the last book. Their's was an instant, somewhat over-the-top kind of love affair and I found it a little bit much in the last book. In this book though, they are the object of the suspense line and all that over-the-top emotion works so well with the danger in this book. Cassie's in serious trouble and poor Javi is losing it. It's heartbreaking to watch this huge firefighter so at a loss for what to do. That part of the story line REALLY worked for me. I just wanted to hug him and Cassie who knew how distraught he would be over she tried to leave him signs everywhere to reassure him.

I've really enjoyed this series. J.D. balances romance and suspense so well. All of her books have pulled me in completely. I hate to set them down and step away. I also really love that they are set in Texas in an area that I know she knows well. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.


Rose Anderson ~ Romance Novelist said...

Great review. JD does write a tight story. I've read several and have always been pleased and look forward to more.

Norah Wilson said...

Another great review, Christi! And sounds like another winner, JD!

J.D. Faver said...

Thanks so much for the review, Christi. I'm really glad you like Bad Vibes. I'm working on the next one, but it might not be ready until early next year.

J.D. Faver said...

Thanks so much, Rose and Norah. I appreciate you for stopping by.

Jake said...

Seems I have been missing something. Added to TBR list. Thanks for insight.