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The Trouble with Cowboys by Melissa Cutler

Title:  The Trouble with Cowboys
AuthorMelissa Cutler
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Catcher Creek #1
Main Characters: Kellan and Amy
Release Date: October 2012 
Publisher: Kensington
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
It was their parents' ranch, through the good days and the bad. But if they want to hang on to their land, their pride, and their family, the three Sorentino sisters will have to reinvent it from the ground up--and one of them just may reinvent herself in the process. . .
Cowboys have never been good for Amy Sorentino. First her hard-riding father bankrupted the family farm. Then her all-hat-no-cattle boyfriend sold her out on national television, ending her promising career as a chef. Now she and her squabbling sisters have partnered up in a final attempt to save their land by starting an inn and local restaurant. So it figures that with everything on the line, Amy's key supplier is just the kind of Stetson-tipping heartbreaking bad boy she's sworn to avoid. But Kellan Reed has a few secrets of his own--and cowboy or not, Amy can't resist this kind of wild ride. . .

My Review:
I caught sight of this book a few months ago and was completely floored (and drooling a bit) over the gorgeous cover. (Top Off Tuesday) So I was very excited when I found out that I won an ARC of the book. Unfortunately, ARC's usually aren't so pretty, but Melissa knew I was having a love affair with the cover so she also included a VERY GORGEOUS cover flat for me to pet and lick and stroke. He is so very pretty, isn't he??

You see...I have this in common with the heroine of the book, Amy. She has a serious weak spot for cowboys. In fact, for her it is so bad that she's had to make up rules about them...#1 is that she has to stay away from them. Yeah, she doesn't do so well with her rules, but that's what makes this book, especially the first chapter, so good and fun. I love Amy. She's in a tough spot. Her two sisters are counting on her to hold it together so they can save the family farm. Her mother was never stable and Amy has a tendency to be a bit over-emotional herself. The problem is....she is very easily swayed when faced with a sexy cowboy and that's been known to mess things tanking her career on national tv.

She has this weak spot...and you know Kellan is just a guy who is also feeling the effects of their incredible chemisty...he's not afraid to exploit her weakness if he needs to. But then he finds out something about her family ranch that means he has to stay away from her, but by then the chemistry has already turned into so much more.

I loved this book. Kellan and Amy both have serious family issues between their siblings and the way they were raised. For Amy and her sisters...they fight like cats and dogs, but at the end of the day they're family. For Kellan and his brother, Jake, they no longer speak. I liked the way that Melissa brought their family issues into everything and how it affected the way the relationship between the two of them developed. Amy turns to her sisters. Kellan turns to his friends, but it's not the same.

There were so many things that made this book so good. First, the characters. There are a lot of them, but from Amy's sisters to Kellan's friends to the strays that Amy was constantly taking in (loved Mr. Dixon and Sloane). They were all wonderfully developed and offered an interesting impact on the story. Then there's the setting...Everything about the setting was perfection. The book takes place in Eastern NM (which I love that area of the country). Kellan runs a cattle ranch while the girls are setting up a guest farm. I liked the undertones of the big-bad oil company and how that affects the lease-land ranches. Being from this area of the country, so much of the book rang true. And then there's the sexy cowboy....yep, I have a weak spot too...thank goodness I live in ranching country. ;o)

Finally I loved the glimpses into Vaughn and Rachel's relationship. I hope this means that we get their story soon. I loved them both and ached for the obvious heartache between them. But I also found myself intrigued about the mystery of Jenna's little boy and who the father is. I also really hope that we get to see more of Kellan's brother Jake.

It was just a great book and I'm so happy that I won it. I will definitely be looking forward to more from this author and series!

I won an ARC of this book in a random giveaway on Goodreads.

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