Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spy Games: Birthday Surprises by Mia Downing

Title: Spy Games: Birthday Games 
Author: Mia Downing
My Rating: A

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Series: Spy Games #1.5
Main Characters: Chase, Kate, and Jake
Release Date: October 2012
ISBN: ebook
Publisher: -
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
What do you give the spy who has everything for his thirty-fifth birthday? A menage, of course. Secret Agent Jake Anderson can't believe his good fortune. He's always had the hots for his best friend's blonde bombshell wife, but Kate is also his partner and he knows better than to cross the line unless Chase gives the word. But all lines are erased for a night of sinful pleasure with his best friends, and even better, Jake gets to be in charge. Since Jake loves nothing more than missions that end in gun fights and car explosions, he's gearing up for one smokin' hot birthday party.

Birthday Games is a short, erotic story featuring Chase and Kate Sanders and of course, Jake Anderson, spies from the Spy Games series by Mia Downing. This sexy, hot read gives eager readers a glimpse of what happens between books 1 and 2. There is nothing revealed that you won't learn eventually, but sometimes having advanced knowledge is half of the fun!

Story contains: Explicit language, smokin' hot, kinky sex between consenting adults. Expect to enjoy light BDSM, spanking, m/f/m action, birthday cake and more!
Approx. 76 pages 

My Review:

*sigh* I just love these three characters and love how at-ease the three of them are together. They truly love each other...and not in a romantic way, although they are all very sexual beings so when they express their love that way, it gets really hot, really quickly.

And this is one HOT little novella, but even in the midst of all that wonderful heat...(as Diana says, this book will leave you squirming in your seat)....there is more of that wonderful emotional angst that Mia writes so well. Jake is torn. He's always been drawn to Kate, so having permission to "whatever he wants" is a dream come true for him, but thoughts of Tia keep intruding (giving you little glimpses of what's to come in Book #2. 

And there are repercussions from this book which reverberate into Book #2. No, you absolutely don't have to read the whole series to be able to enjoy ANY of the books, but believe me...YOU WANT TO! This entire series rocks!!! And is HOT! And always leaves me crying. So freaking good!!!

(short review for a short novella)...hehe.

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Mia Downing said...

Thanks for the great review! I'm glad you enjoyed Tia and Jake's story.