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Between the Sheets by Robin Wells

Title:  Between the Sheets
Author: Robin Wells
My Rating: A+

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: Emma and Max
Release Date: February 2008
ISBN: 978-0446618410
Publisher: Grand Central- Forever
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
How do you have a life when everyone in America thinks you gave the president-elect a fatal heart attack during an illicit sex romp?

Emma Jamison never thought she'd have to answer that question, but here she is, smack dab in the middle of a political scandal that would make Monica Lewinsky blush. Trouble is, nobody believes that Emma wasn't the call-girl who killed the president-to-be with her, uh, carnal skills.

So Emma packs up and moves to small-town Chartreuse, LA, to escape her infamy and to start over. But when her grandmother starts dating the grandfather of district attorney Max Duval, the quiet life she was seeking blows up in smoke.

My Review:
Oh wow, this was such an amazing story, but what made it so good was the fact that Emma could be you or me. She was a normal person living a normal life, even if she was a slight over-achiever, but one simple event ruined everything. She became the most infamous person in America and everything about her life fell apart and she did not do a single thing that she was accused of, but she never got her trial to prove that.

Emma had her own, very successful, business providing temporary butler service for the rich and powerful. She was called into service by some regular customers who needed her to prep their house for the president-elect, while they were out of town. She was simply doing her job down in the kitchen accompanied by the Secret Service...never even saw the man in residence (the president-elect). She had a button pop off her dress and had gone to the restroom off the kitchen to repair it. The next thing she knew the secret service were in a panic telling her she had to get out of the house immediately, that there's an emergency. With visions of bombs and house explosions, she ran out of the house, clutching her unbuttoned dress. Well the emergency was that the president elect died of a heart-attack while having sex with the hooker he hired. A paparazzi caught a photo of her fleeing the scene half undressed and everyone assumed that she was the one who killed the president elect via adulterous sex. Suddenly Emma found herself the butt of every late night comedian and the focus of every newspaper, magazine, and tabloid in America. She lost her business, her house, her reputation...everything. 

She. Never. Even. Met. The. Guy. 

Can you imagine?? This is the stuff of nightmares, but it makes such a good story to read! I loved Emma. I honestly don't know how she kept on without becoming an alcoholic or becoming suicidal, but she did. She relocated to her grandmother's hometown and has taken over running the housekeeping services at the retirement community. She's constantly being confronted by unpleasant people and opinions and she continues to put forward a pleasant face. She even manages to constantly help others. She honestly is a truly nice person who just wants to be left alone and do her job. 

And then she meets Max, the state DA, when he rescues her when she is being harassed at a convenience store. Like the rest of the world, he doesn't believe her protestations about the events with the president-elect. But even with that poor opinion of her, he still feels an incredible draw to her. As he gets to know her, he begins to realize that things with the sordid tale just don't make sense. This is a guy whose entire life is about freeing those who've been unjustly accused so when he starts to realize that something is off about the entire story, he attacks the issue head-on...although he doesn't let Emma know that he's investigating the event.

This is such a good book!!! I loved every single thing about the story and the characters. There are side-stories with Emma and Max's grandparents and their own romance within the retirement community. Emma's grandmother is a character...with all the eccentricities implied with that sentence...she's a hoot. I loved Emma and felt so badly for everything that she goes through. I loved Max and his passion, although I really wanted him to use more caution. I cheered for the old-folks from the retirement village and booed many of the people from this close-minded little town. I wanted to hit the college journalist and the lady running the retirement home. It was just a good and entertaining read!

I received a complementary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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