Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Lovesick Cure by Pamela Morsi

Title: The Lovesick Cure
Author: Pamela Morsi
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: -Main Characters: Jesse and Piney

Release Date: August 2012
ISBN: 9780778313762
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
For Jesse Winsloe, the answer is clear: head into hiding. Single again and laid off from work, Jesse flees to Onery Cabin to lick her wounds with her ancient aunt Will—a Granny woman with the secret to healing the lovelorn.Sure, Onery Cabin may be right out of Hollywood's Lifestyles of the Poor and Hillbilly, but Marrying Stone Mountain has its charm—including the local physician's assistant, Piney Baxley, a past recipient of Aunt Will's pungent "heartbreak poultice."

Between folk remedies and a "no strings attached" romance, Jesse is beginning to think she's found her own brand of lovesick cure—because there's nothing like a pinch of confidence and a dash of attraction to mend a broken heart.

My Review:
Filled with backwoods Ozarks lore, superstition, and a fair dose of small-town charm, this book was a fun read. 

It's been a long time since Jesse has been back to the Ozarks to visit her Aunt Will. But after her sudden break-up from long-time fiance and his subsequent marriage to someone else, Jesse needs to get away from the stresses of her life. Aunt Will has moved up the mountain to a more rustic setting, but she's still beloved by all the town for her folk remedies and natural healing abilities. Aunt Will has a "sense" about things and that applies to what Jesse needs too. She immediately sets about giving Jesse her "lovesick cure" poultice and throws her into life on the farm.

A former recipient of the "lovesick cure" is Piney. He works at the local clinic and is raising his teenage son after his wife ran off and broke his heart many, many years ago. Piney and his son Tree are also loved in this small town for many of the same reasons that people love Aunt Will. Piney is a caretaker and he most definitely watches over most of the town's health including Aunt Will's health which is failing.

As a natural thing, Piney and Jesse end up getting thrown together quite a bit and their relationship develops from there. They have a mutual attraction and decide to "scratch that itch" with no strings attached. They both know the score. Everything about that part of their relationship, I loved. They had some great dialogue that's simply fun to read. Their chemistry is good and it shows. But there's an issue. Piney's son Tree is 17 and his girlfriend wants him to have sex with her. Tree has promised Piney to wait until it's not just about the sex. Can we say double standard?? Yep, that's what Tree thinks too. There are several sub-stories within the book and Tree's relationship with Camryn is definitely one of them. I liked it.

This is one of those books that's simply fun to read. It provides lots of small-town charm, several wonderful heart-warming stories, and just a whole lot to make you smile.

I received a complementary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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