Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Thin, Dark Line by Emma Elliot

Title: A Thin, Dark Line
Author: Emma Elliot
My Rating: A+

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: -
Main Characters: Cormac and Eloise

Release Date: August 2012
ISBN: 9781612131054
Publisher: The Writer's Coffee Shop
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Sexual Intensity: mild

Story Overview:

When Cormac O'Malley-Dogwood, Ohio's former bad boy and a man just released after spending fifteen years in prison-returns and shows up on her doorstep, librarian Eloise Carmichael hires him as a handyman despite her family's warnings and her own misgivings. Inexplicably drawn to Cormac, Eloise begins to form a tentative friendship with the tortured, aloof man and unknowingly becomes ensnared in his quest for vengeance.
When a body is found at the library, suspicions center on Cormac, and Eloise finds herself in the role of his defender, pitted against the most powerful men in town. As the threats against Cormac escalate, Eloise becomes obsessed with the mysteries surrounding a murder that took place fifteen years ago and begins the task of delving into the past in hopes of discovering the source of the present danger.
As the body count rises and family secrets are brought to light, Eloise and Cormac are forced to realize that the only hope for redemption-and love-lies in each other. But when doubt is cast on Cormac's innocence and her very life is threatened, the one man Eloise isn't certain she can trust is the only one who can save her.

My Review:
This was a great, great book! I'm telling you there is nothing sexier than a quiet, sexy alpha with a chip on his shoulder but a heart as big as anything. That's Cormac and I fell in love with this guy. When Cormac shows up at the library, Eloise hires him remembering the boy who saved her and secretly fixed her broken bicycle when they were teens. No one else in town is willing to give him a fair shot though after being convicted of killing one of the town's most influential men. But of course you know, things are not always as they seem especially in this small town.
Eloise is the town librarian, much to the chagrin of her very powerful family filled with doctors. She's always been the black sheep of the family and is honestly okay with that. She doesn't cringe from standing up to them or anyone else in this town when it comes to something she believes in and she most definitely believes in Cormac. I liked her a lot. First, this girl loves books. Secondly, she is incredibly strong and loyal. Third, pretty much everyone in town who is worth anything loves her. She's just one of those all-around great characters. She handles her 4 yo and 6 yo godsons like a pro especially with the difficulties they are having with their parents fighting. And she sees Cormac even when he's intimidating her. She doesn't let him push her away and I love that.
Cormac has not had an easy life. Hearing what he went through in his childhood literally brought me to tears. This is a man that has suffered his entire life, but he has such an amazing heart. You see it in the way that he handles Eloise, the boys, the kitten....*sigh* God, I loved this character. I don't know what made me love him more...when he was hurt or the way he stood by Eloise when she was hurt. This is a man that needs love so badly. You honestly can feel it reverberating off of him throughout the book. I loved him and Eloise together. So. Perfect.
And the suspense line...I had a feeling that I knew where it was going, but the depth of what all it entailed surprised me. Definitely one of those stories that just breaks your heart.
Honestly, this was just an amazing book. I read a lot and this book had me completely riveted to the point where my family couldn't distract me from it. At one point, my husband even looked to see where I was at in the book and was surprised that it wasn't the end (I was at the 26% mark at that point) because I was so enthralled with the story. Normally, I only get that engrossed in about the last 15% of a book. I highly recommend this book!!!
I received a complementary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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