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That Thing Called Love by Susan Andersen

Title:  That Thing Called Love
Author: Susan Andersen
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: T.J. and Anna
Release Date:  July 2012
Publisher: Harlequin

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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
He's the last man on earth she should want...
For a guy she's fantasized about throttling, Jake Bradshaw sure is easy on the eyes. In fact, he seriously tempts inn manager Jenny Salazar to put her hands to better use. Except this is the guy who left Razor Bay-and his young son, Austin, whom Jenny adores like her own-to become a globe-trotting photojournalist. He can't just waltz back and claim Austin now.
Jake was little more than a kid himself when he became a dad. Sure, he'd dreamed of escaping the resort town, but he'd also truly believed that Austin was better off with his grandparents. Now he wants-no, needs-to make up for his mistake. He intends to stay in Razor Bay only until he can convince Austin to return with him to New York. Trouble is, with sexy, protective, utterly irresistible Jenny in his life, and his bed, he may never want to leave....

My Review:
Flat out, this was a good book. On the surface, Jake is "that guy"...you know, the one that no girl wants to meet. He abandoned his son 13 years ago without a single look back. Since then, he's been globetrotting the world becoming a world famous photographer for a National Geographic-like magazine.

In reality, Jake was only 18 when he left Austin in the care of Austin's grandparents after Austin's mom and Jake's wife died from complications from Austin's birth. He was scared and overwhelmed and since then has decided that Austin is better off without him. That all changes when Austin's grandparents die within a few months of each other. By the time the news gets to Jake, Austin has been living and adjusted to life with his pseudo-sister (they aren't really related, but Jenny came to live with the grandparents shortly after Austin was born and she was 16 at the time), Jenny. Confused yet? Don't be...it's much simpler to understand than I make it sound....LOL!

Jenny convinces Jake to give Austin some time to get to know him before whisking him off to a new life in NYC and in the meantime, they all start to get to know each other better. That was the best thing about this book...watching these three characters develop their relationships...so good! And I LOVE that Jake is a photographer...it added some fabulously fun details to how they see each other.

I love how Jenny is tough on Jake and finally tells him to suck-it-up. I was standing up applauding her because I was to that point in the book too. Probably my only complaint in this book....he held onto that for too long, but that's also where the conflict in the book comes from so it's kind of hard to change that and still have the book. ;o) Also, I loved the glimpses of Jake and his half-brother, Max, together. Another relationship mended in this book and it was so fun to watch them together learning how to interact as adults. I'm hoping there will be another book someday featuring Max. He needs an HEA too!

I received a complementary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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