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Flying Home by T.R. McClure

Title:  Flying Home
Author: T. R. McClure
My Rating: C
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: Colleen and Matt
Release Date: July 2012
ISBN: e-book
Publisher: Wild Rose Press  
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Sexual Intensity: mild

Story Overview:
Flower Basket Series
The last thing Colleen McLachlan is thinking about while flying over central California in her perky red and yellow Tri-Pacer is a man. After twenty-five years in the US Air Force, she’s ready for freedom and looking for a place to call home. When she’s forced to land in the middle of Matthew Berk’s almond grove, she discovers a home, a family, and a man!
Matt is perfectly happy taking care of the family business and teaching part-time at the local college. When Colleen literally knocks him off his feet, he quickly realizes there’s more to life than work.
Only problem is…there’s a bit of an age difference. Falling in love with Matt Berk goes against everything she stands for. Can she convince Matt she’s wrong for him or will he change her mind?
Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 190
Word Count: 52044
978-1-61217-300-9 Digital

My Review:

This is my first review that I can honestly say is hurt by the fact that I'm a writer. The problem...T.R. McClure's writing style is a LOT like mine and because of that, I can see all the same flaws in the writing that I see in my writing. I hate that because this is the first novel by T.R. McClure, so I absolutely don't want to do a negative review. But that being said, the flaws really did affect my enjoyment of this book. This is the hard part as a reviewer though, because I'm not sure that anyone else would even notice the issues. I'm just hyper-aware of them because I have to catch them in my writing style and as I read this book, I just happened to be in the middle of editing my book. But if you didn't notice them, then this would be a fabulous book to read.

(And as I ramble on, I realize you all are sitting there shaking your heads wondering how the hell I ever managed to convince myself that I'm a writer...hehe. Sorry...less rambling. More reviewing.)

So let me tell you what I did like about this book:
*The premise...I love the heroine in this book, Colleen. She's 43 yrs.old and just retired from the Air Force. She's adventurous. She's confident. She's finding herself a new place (or trying to) in this civilian world. What she doesn't want to do is become a cougar so she's not happy to discover her new crush, Matt, is shockingly 11 years younger than her.

*Matt--professor and almond orchard farmer...I liked that mix and I love how Colleen just fell into his life...literally. At first, he was the one not happy with her being there, but he quickly changes his mind.

*family...both Colleen's and Matt's families play a large part in this book. I liked getting to see them interact both in the supportive roles and giving each other a hard time. I especially loved it when Matt teamed up with Colleen's family to get her around to his way of thinking.

This book had fabulous possibilities. For me, it just fell a little bit short in the execution. I do look forward to more from this author though...I think that she has a fabulous future in fiction...

I received a complementary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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