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Prowl the Night by Crystal Jordan

Title: Prowl The Night
Author: Crystal Jordan
My Rating: B+

Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: 2 stories- (Tomas and Ciri) (Teresa and Rafe)
Release Date: October 2011
ISBN: 9780758261557
Publisher: Kensington
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
They are Panthers, sleek and sultry shapeshifters who survive by banding together and mating for life. Theirs is a world of unmatched power and uncontrollable passion. . .

Crave Me 
As newly appointed heir to his Pride, Tomas Montoya struggles with both his new duties and his new mate. He craves the dark and dangerous pleasure he finds with Ciri but wonders if he can ever satisfy her need for more. . .

Want Me 
Teresa Garcia has seen how loving and losing a mate can drive someone mad and she has no interest in experiencing that herself. But when she meets Rafael Santiago, she wants him like no other. Driven by desire, she hungers for his body with a fierce and feral passion. . .

My Reviews:

Crave Me
This story was so much more than an erotic romance although there most definitely are hot, erotic elements to the story too. But this is a book about two people who are struggling to make their relationship work. Tomas and Ciri are mates and they are having issues. With the sudden death of Tomas' grandfather, his position has changed within the world Panther packs. All of a sudden he is being thrust into this huge political world of the packs. He's grown up being trained for this position, but Ciri was in NO WAY ready for all the upheaval in their lives...and just how busy Tomas would become...too busy to be there for her and that's driving a wedge between them. They're both floundering and growing further and further apart every day. The only time they seem in harmony is when they are having sex.

I really liked the emotion behind this book. BOTH of these characters are hurting. But they've only been mates for six months and haven't learned how to rely upon each other yet. Their relationship is still too new to trust what they have to withstand the struggles they're going through. In trying to protect that relationship, they are actually tearing it down gradually and painfully. There are moments when it's difficult to read their story, but I really, really enjoyed it. I honestly couldn't put it down. Watching them find one another again was a fabulous journey in reading....and the fact that there's some incredibly hot sex along the way doesn't hurt anything either.

Want Me
Teresa and Rafe know immediately when they meet, that they are mates. Rafe is thrilled. Teresa not so much, although she really likes him and the sex is amazing. The issue...Teresa's brother went insane after his mate died. She's not willing to take that kind of risk. For shifters, losing a mate is debilitating and she thinks she can avoid that by simply not mating with Rafe.

This was an interesting story about two people who accept that they are incredibly drawn to each other. As shifters, they know immediately what's happening and don't deny it. They have sex...lots of it, but Teresa refuses to let them go to the final mating step. She plans to enjoy every bit of her time with Rafe while she's in the states for two weeks, then walk away. Much easier said than done.

As a reader, I hurt for both of them. Teresa's fears are legitimate, but that's no way to live. Rafe is willing to sacrifice a lot for her. She's slated to become leader of one of the world prides which means he would have to curtail his travel-writing. It's a difficult situation, but love is always a risk, regardless of who you are. I really liked both these characters and thought the details of the story were really put together well. I enjoyed it.

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