Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good Bones by Kim Fielding

Title:  Good Bones
Author: Kim Fielding
My Rating: A-

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: -
Main Characters: Dylan and Chris
Release Date: April 2012
 ISBN: 978-1613724859
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
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Sexual Intensity: hot

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:
Skinny, quiet hipster Dylan Warner was the kind of guy other men barely glanced at until an evening’s indiscretion with a handsome stranger turned him into a werewolf. Now, despite a slightly hairy handicap, he just wants to live an ordinary—if lonely—life as an architect. He tries to keep his wild impulses in check, but after one too many close calls, Dylan gives up his urban life and moves to the country, where he will be less likely to harm someone else. His new home is a dilapidated but promising house that comes with a former Christmas tree farm and a solitary neighbor: sexy, rustic Chris Nock.

Dylan hires Chris to help him renovate the farmhouse and quickly discovers his assumptions about his neighbor are inaccurate—and that he’d very much like Chris to become a permanent fixture in his life as well as his home. Between proving himself to his boss, coping with the seductive lure of his dangerous ex-lover, and his limited romantic experience, Dylan finds it hard enough to express himself—how can he bring up his monthly urge to howl at the moon?

My Review:

This was a different dynamic from most of the m/m novels I've read. Dylan became a werewolf a couple of years ago. Now, one night a month, he has to lock himself into a reinforced room for the safety of others. But after one too many close calls brought on by traffic or work, Dylan has decided to work from home in a secluded country retreat. There's a single neighbor, but other than that, the property is perfect. He's moving into an old farmhouse and this architect is excited about the 'Good Bones' of the house and the possibilities it offers him. What he isn't expecting is his neighbor Chris.

On the surface, Chris is a backwards hick. Dylan's first encounter of him is when Chris is peeing off his deck...a deck filled with empty beer cans and bottles. But Chris is handy...he knows construction and Dylan needs the help so he hires him to help on the construction/destruction of his house. They quickly find themselves as friends, although they are both dealing with preconceived notions about each other which causes some strife between them.

The entire book is told from Dylan's POV. Before he became a werewolf, he was a weak, meek guy who no one even noticed. Since he became a werewolf, guys notice him, but he is afraid to become involved with anyone because of his hairy side. He's terrified he's going to hurt or kill someone. That combined with being gay means that he's really never had a true relationship. The one relationship that would qualify turned him into a werewolf and unfortunately, that guy wants him back so he's lingering in the wings too.

Chris has his own self-esteem issues. He knows he's a hick and is really self-conscious about it, but he's truly not. Even though he never finished high school, he's extremely well-read and knowledgeable. He had a truly awful upbringing and that's affected him. He puts on this tough act, but honestly, he's just a nice, lonely guy. I really loved his character.

The two of them together are great. They have this fabulous chemistry, but they are truly friends in every sense of the word. They have fun together and most the time, get along great. There are a lot of outside things influencing their relationship though. Chris is sure Dylan is only going to be living there short-term. Dylan doesn't trust Chris will react well to his werewolf confession. Dylan is trying to deal with a new long-distance work environment. And then Andy, the homicidal ex is floating around in the wings. It made for a great book and I truly enjoyed every moment of reading it.

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