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Deadeye by Darcy Abriel

Title:  Deadeye
Author: Darcy Abriel
My Rating: B+

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Historical Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: Vitus and Caecilia
Release Date: January 2011
ISBN: 9781611240405
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: erotic
Story Overview:
Vitus, a lusty soldier, and Caecilia, an innocent handmaiden to Diana, first discovered love and passion on the banks of the Tiber in ancient Rome. But falling in love with the handmaiden of a goddess without permission brings the wrath of Diana down on both their heads. And retribution is not pleasant nor short-lived. In order to protect each other, Vitus agrees to serve Apollo, and Caecilia is sent to the courts of the lustful Aphrodite and thrust into the arms of a satyr for tutoring in the erotic arts. It's centuries before these two lovers meet again.
Now in the 1880's old west, Caecilia, an experienced immortal courtesan, has been sent to the Infernia dominion, and specifically to a town called Deadeye, to retrieve the son of the Nacraecian Dreamweaver Sorceress, who was fathered by the dark lord, Zevodious. Justus has been with his demon father since his birth. He is an incubus that must have the demon energy purged from him, and Aphrodite sends Caecilia to see the dark energy exorcised so that Justus may embrace his dreamweaver destiny. A task to be accomplished only through the act of lusty fornication.
But Zevodious has one demand that must be met before he will release Justus. Return to him Vitus, the Roman soldier who was once his slave, who escaped the deviant lusts of the dark lord with acute cunning. Possessing demon powers now, Vitus has been ordered by Apollo to return to Zevodious. In Deadeye, Vitus and Caecilia are reunited. Once again Vitus is challenged by the darkness that's become a part of his soul, while Caecilia is tempted by another. Will Vitus escape Zevodious again? Or in the end will Caecilia, the woman he's loved through eternity, end up sacrificed as well? Vitus would do anything to protect Caecilia, but will his submission to Zevodious actually save her?
And then there's Justus, with the demeanor of an angel and the soul of a demon, whose destiny lies in another direction. He must claim Caecilia for himself in order to purge the darkness that claims his own soul.
Vitus, Caecilia, and Justus. Intertwined fates. Lust and sacrifice, passion and purpose, a demon's demand, a demon's desire--will they escape or be forever enslaved? Will love triumph? Or will it be a demon's powerful dark and all-consuming lust that claims them all?
Genres: Dark Fantasy / Witchcraft / Magic / Historical / The Old West / BDSM / Menage (M/M/F) / Group Sex / Bisexuality (M/M) / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Public Places

My Review:
I'm going to write just a short review for this one because the story description really covers it all. I received this book to read for a contest that I was helping to judge. I wasn't real excited when I got it because, as a general rule, I just do not enjoy historical novels any more. But this one was listed under the paranormal category and that's how I ended up with it.

I was so wrong. This book was fantastic and was most definitely a paranormal erotic book, although it is set in the old west. And you better believe this book is an erotic with a capital "E"....there's no holding back in this book for anyone with anyone. But I found it incredibly sexy. Set in the world of Gods and Demons, Vitus, Caecilia, and Justus are playing a dangerous game. But it's a game of hope because they all three are trying to secure their freedom from the supernaturals who delight in playing with their lives.

It's an really interesting and creative story. My favorite character in the group is Justus, who's honestly a secondary character to Vitus and Caecilia, but something about him and his respect for Vitus and Caecilia really touched me. He's trapped in their circumstances just like they are but  he does everything he can to ease the emotional pain of the circumstances.

This is easily one of the most graphic erotica books I've read, but it didn't put me off. In fact I found it to be incredibly hot and that surprised me the most. This author wove a dark sensual tale and I liked it!

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