Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top Off Tuesday: 10 Ways to Steal Your Lover by Dee Tenorio

I read this book over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it.
My review will be up on Saturday 
The cover has some fun eye-candy too!

Story Overview:
His best friend's wedding just turned into the craziest hangover ever...

Kane Wilkensen's buddy was about to marry the girl of Kane's dreams. Which would have been fine—heartbreaking but fine—if Kane hadn't woken up in a Las Vegas honeymoon suite with her, a giant sack of money and a great big blank spot in both their memories first.

He'd always thought a good man would never steal his best friend's lover, but one crazy night may be just the chance Kane needs to show his "wife" that she's with the right husband after all...
Join us (Felicia from The Geeky Book Blogger and Amanda from On a Book Bender and Me) as we celebrate those gorgeous hunky covers!! Thanks to Missie from The Unread Reader for creating our fabulous button.
Felicia is hosting the linky for this meme on her blog, so come play along....

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who just happens to be topless

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Amanda @ On a Book Bender said...

There is way too much title on that cover. ;) Sure is nice, though.

Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal said...

Lol. I agree with Amanda. More man chest, less title.
Still... nice!

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

He probably just has to smile and crook his finger and the girls come running LOL

Rubita said...

Jeans again! How I love thee. Seriously, they're like my kryptonite.

Diana Leigh said...

A sweet smile and hot body? Nice!