Thursday, April 19, 2012

Something to Talk About by Julie Harrington

Title:  Something to Talk Aboug
Author: Julie Harrington
My Rating: A-

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: Ann and Mitch
Release Date: April 2012
ISBN: 9781612171135
Publisher: Wild Rose Press

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Sexual Intensity: spicy

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:

Born-to-be-bland meets born-to-be-wild...
Annabelle Leahey is ready to be bad. Fed up with quilting bees and bridge clubs, Ann has to change or grow old alone. But going from bashful to bold won't be easy—especially since thong underwear is her idea of risqué. So Ann needs a guide, and rancher Mitchell Black is the perfect candidate.
The last thing Mitchell needs is more trouble. He hasn't lived down his bad boy days yet and he has no intention of resurrecting them now. But when Ann asks for his help, he can't refuse. Especially since the preacher's daughter has suddenly become a fireball of temptation.
Mitchell's determined to keep his role in Ann's research hands-off, but Ann has plans of her own. She intends to show Mitchell what's he's missing—and that being bad with the right person can be o-o-o-oh so good.
Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 224
Word Count: 61445
978-1-61217-113-5 Digital

My Review:
This was a really fun and entertaining read. Ann is 24 years old. She's a virgin. She works at the local bookstore in this small town. She was the preacher's daughter and has always been a good girl. Most nights, that means she's home in her pj's at 7:00 at night. The owner of the bookstore knows that she's stuck in a rut and needs a push. So she makes a deal with Ann....Ann needs to get out and live a little and if she does that, then Ann can have the bookstore.

Mitchell was the town's bad-boy until his parents died suddenly leaving him to raise his two younger brothers and run the family ranch. Ann was always hanging around the ranch since she was friends with one of his younger brothers. So when he sees her saunter into the local watering hole looking dressed to kill, his protective instincts immediately flare up, especially when a cowboy refuses to take no for an answer. Now Ann is looking towards Mitch to help her find her wild side.

The story line in this was a little bit outlandish esp in regards to the small town attitudes, but I managed to overlook that and simply enjoy the story. I loved both of the characters of Ann and Mitch. Neither one was as they appeared at the beginning of the story. Ann, especially, was a strong character and I really liked her and her gumption. She knew what she wanted and went after it. Mitch is twelve years older than Ann and he sees that as too much of a difference between them. At this point in his life, he sees himself as an old man, even though he's been helping Ann find her wild side and LOVING their time together. Personally, I LOVED the fun and comic relief that Mitch's younger brothers added to the story. Like most siblings, they didn't think twice about giving Mitch a hard time and telling it like it is.

There were several scenes set within the bookstore setting and I always love that. Overall, this was simply a fun book to read. Nothing really deep or emotional...just fun and I liked it!

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Julie Harrington said...

Hi, Christi! Thanks for the review and I'm delighted to see you enjoyed Ann and Mitchell's story. It was fun working with the characters, including those pesky brothers, and it's wonderful knowing that translated into a fun book to read.

Thanks again!

Julie Harrington