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Grave Refrain by Sarah M. Glover

Title:  Grave Refrain
Author: Sarah M. Glover
My Rating: A+

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: Andrew and Emily
Release Date: February 2012
ISBN: 9781936305902
Publisher: Omnific Publishing

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Sexual Intensity: spicy

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:
Andrew Hayes, a brilliant but troubled guitarist in an up-and-coming band, has been haunted since childhood by the presence of his muse. One night during a performance in San Francisco he spots her--but she vanishes before he can catch her. Desperate to find her, he accepts a curious offer to stay in the city, moving into a dilapidated Victorian undergoing renovations that stir up far more than dust. Andrew's life soon becomes even more chaotic with the arrival of martini-swilling ghosts and a troupe of flesh-and-blood stoner spiritualists bringing bad tidings from the Great Beyond.The dark side of his obsession creates visions both thrilling and menacing. As he struggles to solve the mysteries threatening the woman he loves, Andrew discovers his life is repeating a refrain more deadly than he'd ever imagined. Inspired by the sexy noirs and comedies of the past, Grave Refrain transports the reader to where the things that go bump in the night not only thrill you, but might just take your breath away for good.

My Review:
Warning: this is a LONG book, but it is worth every single moment spent reading it. I loved this book. 

Andrew is part of a three-part rock band from England. One night a huge rock manager (Neil...although he is retired) drops in on their gig and offers them a place to stay in San Francisco. Taking him up on the offer in the hopes it will lead them to a break, the three members of The Lost Boys: Andrew, Christian, and Simon, move into the rambling in-complete-disrepair victorian house in San Francisco. They quickly find out the house is haunted by two lovers who can never see each other, Nick and Nora.

Andrew has his own ghost. His entire life, his dreams have been filled with his imaginary muse. He's sure that she's a real person. He's just never been able to find her. This confidence in her existence has caused him severe mental issues, including a stay in a mental institution. Andrew is a tortured artistic soul. He's incredibly talented, but along with that talent comes some emotional issues.

Emily lives with her two roommates Margot and Zoey. They are looking for a new place to live when Zoey's childhood friend Christian moves to town. In the meantime, Emily has become obsessed with an itinerant guitar player that she's found in the park. She thinks he's homeless and several things come together so that the three girls end up living with the three band members in this house haunted by Nick and Nora.

There is so much to this story. It was just incredibly written. From the moment I started reading it, I became immersed in the story and really did not want to put it down. Emily and Andrew are each tortured in their own way. They have this huge deep connection which they both realize is completely crazy since they just met. As a result, they both hide the depth of how much they are connected and have been for MUCH longer than they've known each other. I loved their love story, although I hated how long it took them to be honest about their true feelings and the depth of them.

There's a ton going on here. The six people in the house are trying to figure out the mystery of why Nick and Nora (the ghosts) can't be together. The band is on the verge of making it HUGE and are dealing with all those pressures. The house-owner, Neil, has his own secrets and history that come to play in the whole story. Emily is dealing with an obsessive professor who is trying to make her last semester at school impossible. In the midst of all this is the house which is constantly being worked on by various contractors who are in and out and being driven away in terror by the ghosts. It was so funny to watch the comings and goings of the workmen and their fright especially since there are six people living in this house who aren't bothered by them at all. There's also a group of 4 stoners offering comedic breaks to the story with their ghostbusting antics.

This was just a great book. The romance story line was gorgeous...and there are actually several of them going on so you get several stories in one. The suspense was amazing. I couldn't figure out how this all was going to come out with an HEA. I was extremely pleasantly surprised by the depth and writing in this book. It was really wonderful reading.

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