Saturday, April 28, 2012

10 Ways to Steal Your Lover by Dee Tenorio

Title:  10 Ways to Steal Your Lover
Author: Dee Tenorio
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Love by Numbers #1
Main Characters: Kane and Delilah
Release Date:December 2011
ISBN: e-book
Publisher: Dee Tenorio
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
His best friend's wedding just turned into the craziest hangover ever...

Kane Wilkensen's buddy was about to marry the girl of Kane's dreams. Which would have been fine—heartbreaking but fine—if Kane hadn't woken up in a Las Vegas honeymoon suite with her, a giant sack of money and a great big blank spot in both their memories first.

He'd always thought a good man would never steal his best friend's lover, but one crazy night may be just the chance Kane needs to show his "wife" that she's with the right husband after all...

My Review:
OMG, this book was so good. I knew that the story line appealed to me and I already know that I love Dee's writing, but this book was even better than I expected. So funny....definitely The Hangover (i.e. the movie) meets a gorgeously romantic love story. So funny and so sweet. I really did just love it!

The book opens...well, let's just say that the book opens with a scorchingly HOT scene, but neither of the participants are fully aware of what's happening. ;o) It's the morning after and they are both half-asleep, half-dreaming...and the entire scene is entirely HOT!! The thing is neither of them, Kane or Delilah, know how they got there. All they know is that they are wearing wedding rings, have obviously been seriously intimate, BUT she was supposed to be getting married to Craig, Kane's best friend, not Kane. Oh and they are in this incredibly over-the-top honeymoon suite with a couple of bags full of money. No memory of the night before at all, so they start to retrace their steps and make some startling discoveries.

For all the craziness, this truly is one of the sweetest, most romantic books I have ever read. Kane has always been in love with Delilah. Craig just saw her first, so he never had a chance. Now that Kane has her within his grasp, he is doing whatever he can to keep her with him...and his impassioned speeches about his feelings for her...OMG! *swoon* So romantic and so sweet. God, this man loves her so much and he has such a romantic soul.

For her part, Del has always been really aware of Kane, but she's involved with Craig, so she has never let herself "go there" in her mind. Fortunately, for all of them, Rainbow (Del's crazy grandmother) slips something into Del's champagne and things domino from there. Craig was the ideal guy for her...even if they didn't have overwhelming passion. They work. He's a banker and is the stability she thinks she needs. Del grew up with a domineering Colonel for a father who always saw her flightiness as a flaw. As a result, so did Del. Marrying Craig is the right thing to do. It's a good match even if it's not a passionate love match.

It's a great story and truly what makes the story so good is Kane's passion. He sees his dream almost within his grasp and he's doing everything he can just to hang onto it. In this book, there are moments that make you laugh, there are moments that make you smile. It's definitely a book that makes you feel better for having read it. You would think with the premise, that there would be sad or angry moments, but there aren't. It's all good. Craig's book is next in this series and I can't wait to see who Dee pairs him up with. Because for all the flaws between him and Del, he is truly a wonderful guy. That does come shining through in this book too. Like I said, it's all good!

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