Saturday, March 31, 2012

Broken by Diane Alberts

Title:  Broken
Author: Diane Alberts
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: 1 Night Stand
Main Characters: Matt and Tiffany
Release Date: March 2012
Publisher: Decadent

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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Staff Sergeant Matt Warwick returns from war with two broken legs—and a shattered future. Abandoned by his fiancĂ©e, he withdraws into a protective shell to hide from the pity filled glances thrown his way. His squad worries he’s fallen into depression, and arranges a 1NightStand through the renowned Madame Eve. Matt agrees, but fears he will not be able to satisfy his date, for who would want a crippled man in their bed? 

Tiffany Forsen escaped a brutal relationship, and seeks to jump-start her life with a fling. Bars aren’t her scene, so when she hears of the fabulous 1NightStand service, she contacts Madame Eve immediately. All she wants is a night of fun with the hot guy in her picture—but winds up with much more. Can she convince him that when she sees him, she doesn’t see a crippled man…but a hero? 

Or will his defenses keep her at arm’s length?

My Review:

I am a fan of this series. All of these books are hot little reads that you can easily read within an hour or so. This one has a particularly moving scenario in that both of these characters have self-image issues which are affecting their self confidence, although they are both incredibly good-looking people. Matt is suddenly in a wheelchair after being wounded overseas. Two shattered legs and he doesn't know if he will ever be able to walk again. Tiffany has just come out of an abusive relationship. As a therapist, she should know better, but she's simply human with human vulnerabilities regardless of her profession.

I like that both of these characters are wounded in some way, although you can't see Tiffany's wounds. They really are a perfect match, although Matt especially, has doubts throughout. Overall this was good for about 45 minutes of entertaining diversion. I enjoyed the story and getting to know these two characters.

The Past Came Hunting by Donnell Ann Bell

Title:  The Past Came Hunting
Author: Donnell Ann Bell
My Rating: A+

Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Series: Joe and Melanie
Main Characters
Release Date: September 2011
ISBN: 9781611940480
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

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Sexual Intensity: mild

Story Overview:
Fifteen years ago a young Colorado Springs police officer arrested a teen runaway accused of aiding a convenience store robbery and attempted murder. She was innocent, but still served prison time briefly. Her testimony sent the real thief to jail for much longer. Now she’s a young widow raising a son, and the man she put in prison is free and seeking revenge.

She moves to a home in a new neighborhood—then learns that her next-door neighbor is the by-the-book officer who arrested her. Now he’s a Colorado Springs P.D. Lieutenant. Like it or not, he may be the only one who can protect her and her son from the past he helped create.

My Review:

From the moment I started this book, until I finished it, it was almost painful to set this book down. It was so good (and it was probably not a very good idea for me to start it the morning of my husband's birthday, since I kept having to sneak "just one more chapter"...LOL.)

Everything about the writing and the story of this book completely sucked me in. 

One bad choice at age 17 changed the future of Melanie's life forever. She ended up being sent to prison as an adult as an accomplice for a crime that she didn't commit. Her crime...running away from a bad home situation, hitchhiking with the wrong guy, leaping out of a moving truck to avoid rape, getting in the car with a charming good-looking guy who wanted to help her but who was, in actuality a criminal who committed murder while she was in the bathroom at the convenience store. She came out and tried to stop him and instead got 5 years in prison as his accomplice after she was forced and scared into a plea  bargain. At 17, she didn't have the resources or knowledge to fight back so she went to prison as an adult for a crime that she didn't commit and became branded a felon for the rest of her life.

It's been 15 years since that day and Melanie has completely turned her life around. Everyone who ever knew her when she was part of the Dept of Corrections realized that she never belonged there and they worked to help her start anew when she was released after 9 months served. Now the good-looking charmer, Maxwell, is being released from prison and he has vowed to kill her in revenge for her testimony against him. As a result, the former warden of her prison has helped her relocate and basically "hide" so that maybe he won't be able to find her. What neither of them realize when they move her is that she's moved right in next door to her arresting officer, Joe. She was his first violent bust and he's carried the scar ever since, but by the time he realizes who she is, their boys are well on their way to being best friends. (It's really not as complicated as it sounds...)

Joe is appalled when he realizes who's moved in next door and who his son is hanging out with, and immediately wants Melanie and her son out. But it doesn't take long for him to realize that Melanie is not who he always assumed she was.

There were so many incredible layers to this story. The heartbreak of what happened to Melanie. The incredible characters of both Melanie and Joe (I loved both of them.) The friendship between their boys...Luke and Matt (both the only sophomores on the varsity basketball team.) The suspense of Maxwell working in the background, fully planning to kill Melanie as soon as he locates her. This is a FULLY developed story which was just a joy to read because you feel like you are a living part of this story, not reading a book. It was just so incredibly well-written. There was not a single part of it that I didn't like. 

A word of advice: if you enjoy Romantic Suspense, then you NEED to add this one to your TBR pile NOW!

Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Coming....Demonically Tempted by Stacey Kennedy

Okay, you all know that I am a fan of Stacey Kennedy's. My favorite book of hers started the Frostbite series with Supernaturally Kissed and I have been DYING to know what's going to happen next with Tess and her super-hunky ghost, Kipp. *sigh* I really, really love his character.

The wait is almost over!!!

Book #2, Demonically Tempted 
is coming April, 2012!!!


For those of you who are like me and have been dying, I have some good news....

pssst, Stacey posted a sneak peek on her site. 
Go check it out...HERE!

Destined Mate by Katie Reus

Title:  Destined Mate
Author: Katie Reus
My Rating: B

Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Series: -
Main Characters: Knox and Angela
Release Date: October 2011
Publisher: Harlequin Nocturne Cravings

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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

About a century ago, Angela Lavigne and Alpha werewolf Knox had a shared a passion neither could control. Then Angela was turned into a vampire and disappeared.
The last thing Knox expects is for Angela to show up on his doorstep centuries later on a rescue mission, as sexy and irresistible as ever. And he can sense how much she still wants him, too. She's gone against both their species' rules and trespassed on his land. By law he can keep her as long as he wants--and Knox doesn't intend to let her go ever again.
As their desire explodes once again, Knox is more sure than ever that he's must claim her forever. But as vampire and werewolf, they are natural born enemies. Can she truly be his destined mate?

My Review:

As a human, Angela had been Knox's lover and she was well aware of his deep-seeded hatred of vampires. So when she was brutally attacked and turned into one, she didn't want to put either of them through that trauma knowing he would more than likely kill her as a result. That was 90 years ago and Angela hasn't seen him since and has no idea that he changed all of his opinions after she was changed. The only thing that she knows is that Knox's pack is holding one of her best friends and fellow vampires and she has no intention of letting them kill her.

The book starts with Angela infiltrating the werewolf compound, and wow, this girl has some moves. She's fast, quick-thinking, and incredibly strong. She also realizes when she's beat and knows when to back down. I love that she's a really strong vampire and daywalker. For me, that made the romance between her and Knox more viable.

The chemistry between Knox and Angel (as he calls her) is instantaneous and incredible. It may have been 90 years, but you would never guess it from the way that they react to each other. If there was a single thing that I could change about this book, I would have liked to see more interaction between them. This is a short novella and the chemistry works because of their history. I just felt like it was all a little too short between the two of them.

Overall the book was a fun and entertaining read. It's really short, but there is a lot packed into this little book. It's a great overview of the way that this world works, within the pack and within the vampire we get to see the leader of the vampires, Titus, too. There is TONS of action...both fighting and sexual. It's quick-paced and very easy to read. I am looking forward to book two in this series, Protector's Mate, which is about Alaric, Knox's second. We get to see fabulous glimpses of him in this book as he helps to soothe Angela when Knox needs his focus.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tempted by Elisabeth Naughton

Title:  Tempted
Author: Elisabeth Naughton
My Rating: A-

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Eternal Guardians #3
Main Characters: Demitrius and Isadora
Release Date: September 2011
Publisher: Sourcebooks

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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
DEMETRIUS-He's the hulking, brooding warrior even his fellow Guardians avoid. Too dark. Too damaged. And given his heritage, he knows it's best to keep everyone at arm's length.

Isadora is missing. The words pound through his head like a frantic drumbeat. For her own protection, Demetrius did all he could to avoid the fragile princess, his soul mate. And now she's gone-kidnapped. To get her back, he'll have to go to the black place in his soul he's always shunned.
As daemons ravage the human realm and his loyalty to the Guardians is put to the ultimate test, Demetrius realizes that Isadora is stronger than anyone thought.
And finally letting her into his heart may be the only way to save them both.

My Review:
This is book #3 in this series. I haven't read the first two and there is a LOT of Greek mythology throughout this book. While I can't say that I was ever truly confused, I have a feeling that there were lots of details that just kind of flew past me in this book because I haven't read the first two books and don't understand all the character dynamics for this series yet and exactly how they all play into the mythology. Nevertheless, I did enjoy this book alot. I started it late in the evening and ended up staying up until it was finished, although that hadn't been my intention when I started it.

This book is about Demitrius. He's an Argonaut Guardian. From what I understand the Guardians are cursed with having a single mate throughout their lifetime (this is one of those things I didn't quite exactly that was a curse). He's been aware that his mate is Isadora for over 100 years, but because of a secret that he's hiding, he's never let her know. In fact, he's worked that whole time to make sure that she hates him. He knows that she deserves better than him. This detail in his story line just made my heart ache. He wants her so much for himself, but he continually does things to hurt her so that she won't like him. Talk about self-sacrifice...OMG!

Isadora is supposed to be the next Queen and is destined to mate with one of the Guardians. It sounds like she's been fully in the mix of all three of these books as the potential mates to the heroes (i.e. she's been promised to marry them via her father the king, but they ended up finding their true mates.) Because I haven't read the other two books in this series, I had a hard time nailing down exactly what kind of character Isadora is. Demitrius is constantly referring to her as a pampered princess, but because of their circumstances, I didn't know if he did that just to maintain his distance or if she is a bit spoiled. He did do a LOT of the work while she was passed out during this book...hehe. But at the end, you know that she may have once been a spoiled princess (like I said...maybe. I never could get a handle on if she was actually spoiled or not) but by the end of the story, you know that she's going to be an incredible ruler. Regardless of where she started, she has an inspiring character arc over the course of the story.

What worked incredibly well in this book was the Guardians and the relationships between them. This is another one of those series where there are a team of warriors who all have to work together and have a bond like brothers. In the Guardians, there are seven men. The glimpses of them in this book together were amazing. There is a scene at the end of the book where everything is going REALLY BAD and they are all being forced to do something truly awful to Demitrius. Their emotional pain is palpable and that scene was nothing short of incredible. There were other portions that left me completely intrigued...specifically the story with Gryphon and Orpheus. It makes me really excited for book 4 in this series.

Like I said this is the first book that I've read in this series, but everything about it made me a fan. If you like series like the BDB, Lords of the Underworld, or Dark Hunters, I think that you will enjoy this series by Elisabeth Naughton...a LOT!

Cut & Run by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux

Title:  Cut & Run
Author: Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux
My Rating: A

Genre: Romantic Suspense (m/m)
Series: Cut & Run #1
Main Characters: Zane & Ty
Release Date: September 2008
Publisher: Dreamspinner

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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
A series of murders in New York City has stymied the police and FBI alike, and they suspect the culprit is a single killer sending an indecipherable message. But when the two federal agents assigned to the investigation are taken out, the FBI takes a more personal interest in the case.

Special Agent Ty Grady is pulled out of undercover work after his case blows up in his face. He's cocky, abrasive, and indisputably the best at what he does. But when he's paired with Special Agent Zane Garrett, it's hate at first sight. Garrett is the perfect image of an agent: serious, sober, and focused, which makes their partnership a classic cliché: total opposites, good cop-bad cop, the odd couple. They both know immediately that their partnership will pose more of an obstacle than the lack of evidence left by the murderer.

Practically before their special assignment starts, the murderer strikes again – this time at them. Now on the run, trying to track down a man who has focused on killing his pursuers, Grady and Garrett will have to figure out how to work together before they become two more notches in the murderer's knife.

My Review:

How to explain this book? Honestly, there is so much wrong with the actual book...confusing, constantly changing POV's and completely impossible medical scenarios are the things that immediately come to mind.
Because I completely and totally LOVED this book.

Ty & Zane...OMG, I have fallen in love with these two characters and it's not because they are such wonderful, upstanding guys. They aren't. They are completely messed up in the head....both of them.

I Right? The book isn't written well. The main characters are incredibly flawed and should be totally unlikable...

BUT this book is so good because it all works. When Ty & Zane are partnered up, they HATE each other! Ty is the jaded agent who's been pushed too far in the job. Zane is the the book, in his suit and tie, but what isn't immediately obvious is that he's also been pushed too far in the job and by life. Both of these guys are on the edge and, in their pursuit of a serial killer who has them in his sights, they are pushed completely over it.

Both characters have vulnerabilities and moments throughout this book which are just so heart-rending. You can't help but to fall in love with them... huge flaws and all. Even when they are pushing and snarking at each other, they have an incredible chemistry and dialogue which just works.  The chemistry between them is through the roof. I have to admit that I have a thing for wounded guys and throughout this book, one of these guys is CONSTANTLY hurt. Their care and gentleness with each other is just beautiful. The moments when they are most honest with each other is during these moments and they simply left me *sighing* over the beauty of their relationship. Neither one of them wants to admit what the other means to him, but they have these little moments when it is so obvious just how much they do care. That aspect of the book just made this a fabulous read for me.

I'll admit, I got completely sucked into this book at the disregard of everything else in my life. I so want to fall right into book #2, but I am trying to exert some self-control. I could easily see these books becoming my obsession for the next week and I just don't have time for that right now. Hehe. Right now the goal is to finish two other must-review books before I pick up the next one in this series. We'll see if I make it...