Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snow White and Her Seven Lovers by Jenna Ives

Title:  Snow White and Her Seven Lovers
Author: Jenna Ives
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Series: -
Main Characters: Blanche
Release Date: December 2011
Publisher: self-pubbed  
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: spicy

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:
In her position, what would you do? 

Three months ago, I woke in a hospital ER. Poisoned. With no memory or money. On the day I was discharged, my ER doc offered to let me move in with him and his 6 friends. I only planned to stay until my memory returned & I could figure out if someone really had tried to kill me, but something about these seven men attracted me powerfully enough to want to explore it. Intimately. That is, until the day my fiancé showed up...

My Review:

Be sure to read the story description above because it gives a good premise of the story line.

This book was fabulous. You have to go into reading it with the fun that the book is intended. This is a tongue in cheek erotica (seven lovers? we're talking fantasy stuff here), but it is just so fun and creative. Jenna Ives has written a fabulous book  around the fairy tale modernized into an erotic story. The seven dwarfs from the original story are not dwarfs in this book, but they all maintain the characteristics of the originals, Dopey...Sneezy...Grumpy...Doc...Sleepy...Bashful....Happy.

They are simply a group of seven friends who live in an old bed and breakfast together. Without anywhere else to turn, "Blanche" (she doesn't remember her past so they don't know her name) moves in with them and finds that she can help each of these men in her own way. They are normal guys with normal stresses and she fulfills a need for all of them (and not all of them are sexual.) She spends a day with each guy and they all have their days of the week.

It's honestly a sweet story with a seriously erotic twist. It was highly entertaining. Everytime  a new character was introduced, I giggled internally at how creatively Jenna manipulated this story to work with the original fairy tale. Really, super creative! If you are a fan of modern day fairy tales, I encourage you to try this erotic version. I don't think that you will be disappointed.

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