Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MacGregor Read-a-Long: Alan * Grant Discussion

It's MacGregor Read-a-long time. Today we (Ally from Swept Away Again, Deanna from Paperback Daydreamer and Marcela from The Bookaholic Cat) will be discussing the books from Alan * Grant. Feel free to chime in and join us. The discussion will take place in the comment section.

Yesterday, I posted my review for these books. You can find it HERE.

*Personally, what made both of these books for me was the fact that they had an artistic edge to them. What did you all think about the added artsy side to the story line?

*I thought that it was interesting that in both of these books, the heroines were described as being social butterflies, but in very different ways. They are both totally adept at handling and working crowds of people. What did you think about that similarity between them?

*Both of these books were released in 1985, like our first two books. I didn't notice the glaring genre changes in these though that I noticed in the first two. Am I just getting used to the older style or was the style not as overbearing on these two novels? What did you all think about the style of the writing in these two books?

All the Possibilities (Alan's story)
*This story brought out the feud between the Campbell's and the MacGregor's. What did you think about that aspect of the story?

*Alan is the oldest of the MacGregor children. Did you feel badly for him with the pressure that Daniel put on him for that?

*What did you think about Shelby's reluctance to get involved with a politician based upon her history with her father?

One Man's Art (Grant's story)
*This is the first story where either the hero or heroine was not an actual MacGregor. Did you like that?

*I thought that it was an interesting little twist that neither character was a MacGregor, but they both had ties to the MacGregor's. Did the unlikely aspect of that happening both you at all?

*Grant dealt in a very different way with his father's death than Shelby did. What did you think about their opposite reactions?


Our next book up for the Read-a-long will be Daniel * Ian and that discussion will be led by Deanna on February 28 & 29th. We hope that you all will join in with us!


Ally said...

I think you raised some really great points!
I much preferred Grant's book to Alan's I found Alan rubbed me the wrong way and Shelby could have done better!

I enjoyed reading about the feud and how that set's it up for the historical ideas. It was one of the main parts I liked about Alan's book!

BookaholicCat said...

I completely agree with you girls, I wanted to smack Allan and Shelby more than once.
I loved Grant! Christi described him perfectly with "Mr. Darcy-esque personality". lol

Another character that needs to layback a bit is Daniel, he is a caring parent/grandparent and all that but he was too much sometimes.

And for the artistic edge, it's obvious Mrs. Roberts did her research and she new what she was writing about.

Sadly I haven't get used to the updated feeling of the books, as Christi I skimmed over the sex scenes and many others in which the dialogue was just too fluffy for me. :(

BookaholicCat said...

No updated, dated feeling of the books... :(

Ally said...

BookaholicCat - fluffy! teeheehee
I really don't remember the smex at all and I finished the book YESTERDAY! :/
I think I felt the datedness of the book more in this book due to Daniel with his opinions.

Mariana Pereira Bezerra said...

I finished Grant book yesterday, I know a bit late, but I kinda lost them in the house and it took me a bit the find.

So back to comments. I actually liked more Alan's book. Loved the way he handled Shelby's fear and the artistic part was very good.

Is interesting that both Caamppbell brothers work we art taking in consideration that their parents are great with people.

Grant's book was a great surprise. I usually don't like these Ogro male characters and he did treat Ginnie bad when they first meet.

Loved how in the end the family is all conected.

Daniel is a big teddy bear and he didn't push too hard on the kids just pointed in the right diretion at least with their love life.

Already reading For now, Forever.