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Dangerous Race by Dee J. Adams

Title:  Dangerous Race
Author: Dee J. Adams
My Rating: A-

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Adrenaline Highs #1
Main Characters: Tracey & Mac
Release Date: September 2011
Publisher: Carina Press  

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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Four years ago, race car driver Tracey Bradshaw almost died in a horrific crash. Now scarred inside and out, she's making a comeback, but her team is plagued by a series of "accidents".
When the team leader dies under mysterious circumstances, former driver Mac Reynolds takes charge. The pair clash as Trace resents his high-handed attempts to control her, while Mac fears Trace's recklessness will get her killed. Neither can throttle back the desire that spins out of control whenever they touch. Trace lets herself be seduced when Mac convinces her he finds her beautiful despite her scars, and she begins to hope for more. But Mac knows he's not nearly good enough for Trace…
Don't miss the sequel, Danger Zone, coming out in February 2012.
106,000 words

My Review:
This book starts off with a serious bang. I was partway into the second chapter when I turned to my husband and told him about how stunned I was by how much action and emotion had already occurred in this story. It does slow down a bit after that, but honestly, not by much. This is a book about racing and I know that for me, my emotions and heart-rate were racing throughout most of the book. It's a great book and definitely one that I enjoyed. 

Tracey has had a hard time of it...pretty much her whole life has been a series of really bad events. She grew up in the foster system after her adoptive parents died when she was 2 years old. She found her place and acceptance at the racetrack with her friends Eddie and Matthew. Four years ago (at the age of 19,) it seemed like things were finally going her way when someone threw a water balloon filled with oil in front of her race car on the track which caused a horrific crash. It has taken her 4 years to recover and come back from that. It seems things are finally back on track for her when her crew chief and father figure, Joe, suddenly dies at the track. Suddenly, Tracey's life is thrown into chaos especially when they find out that Joe was murdered. Someone is stalking Tracey.

When Mac comes on the scene, he is stepping into a really difficult situation. It's a last-minute change and he doesn't know Tracey or the team. Mac and Tracey clash at every turn about every single thing. She's already on edge with Joe's death. Their conflict is not making anything any easier, but Tracey is not a back-down kind of gal. She's tough and in your face when she doesn't agree. Honestly, Mac is completely confused about how to handle her, but as things heat up with her stalker, so do the feelings between her and Mac. Their chemistry soon becomes combustible.

This is a romantic suspense and the suspense and tension builds all the way through the book. There was a single point, about 2/3 of the way in, when I had a moment where I felt like the conflict between Mac & Tracey became too much, but it didn't last long before I got carried away within the story again. The action sequences in this are fabulous...both the suspense-driven ones AND the romance-driven ones!

There is a secondary story which I loved just as much as the primary between Matthew (Tracey's childhood friend and pit crew member) and Chelsea (Tracey's long lost twin sister.) I loved the way that Dee wrote the story so that you were never quite sure where Chelsea stood as far as the suspense line...I definitely kept second-guessing her motives and the clues that the author provided.

Overall, this was just a great read. I am, admittedly, a race fan, so I loved that aspect of the story, but I think that just about anyone would enjoy this book for the romance and the suspense. I don't think that you need to have an affinity for the sport to be able to appreciate this book. If you like the Erin McCarthy Fast Track series, you DEFINITELY need to try out these books by Dee Adams!!

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