Sunday, January 15, 2012

Whispers in the Dark by Maya Banks

Title:  Whispers in the Dark
Author: Maya Banks
My Rating: A++

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: KGI #4
Main Characters: Nathan & Shea
Release Date: January 2012

Publisher: Berkley
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Nathan is being held captive and is in agony. His saving grace is the voice of an angel who eases his pain and helps him regain enough strength to escape. When he does, she leaves him with a void that he can barely stand. When he escapes and returns to the KGI, he hears her again-now she needs him.
Her name is Shae, and she's on the run with her sister. A government group wants to harness their abilities to heal. The KGI wants to help- but can Nathan quiet his soulmate's doubts and convince her that they are meant to face these dangers together?

My Review:

I have adored the KGI series so far, and let me just say up front on this review that, hands down, this is my favorite book in the series so far. I cannot fully explain to you how much I truly loved this book, but I am going to try! I love the entire premise of this story. 

Shea has special telepathic powers. Overall, they have made her life hell, but she can't ignore the telepathic communications from a soldier being tortured who is on the brink of giving up, Nathan Kelly.

After a month of systematic torture and watching two of his friends be murdered, Nathan is ready to die...until he hears Shea in his mind telling him not to give up. Shea can enter peoples minds and redirect their pain. For Nathan these skills save his life and enable him to survive. They also create an incredible bond between these two people. 

But when Nathan is rescued, Shea cuts off their connection because she is in her own fight for her life as she is being hunted for her abilities and is on the run. Only when things get desperate and a weak moment on Shea's part causes their connection to flare back to life. That's when the entire KGI team swings into action to save Shea and in turn, save Nathan, who is suffering because of the loss of his mental bond with her.

I loved, loved, LOVED this story! OMG, I LOVE the bond that Nathan and Shea share. The emotional level of it is so incredible to read and experience through them. I love that they are both wounded characters who truly need each other to survive. I love how strong that Shea is. OMG, she takes on the wounds of the person that she takes the pain from and she did this for Nathan over and over again...on purpose to save about ultimate sacrifice.

I loved that we got to see an even deeper level of the dynamic between the Kelly brothers. They have a huge part in this story as they are all working together to save Shea. I love them together and the way that they worry about Nathan and support him in this book....just so incredible!

To me, everything about this story was just absolutely perfect! But you all know me, I like heavy emotion and angst in my stories. This is going to be one of those books that you either really love or really hate as you roll your eyes because it is too over-the-top. This is where I choose to read for enjoyment and suspend disbelief so that I simply can enjoy the process of reading. But not everyone is like that, SO go into this book knowing yourself as a reader. For me, it was perfect, but it is not for everyone. I cannot wait for Grace (Shea's sister) and Rio's's going to be another great one!! :o)


Paperback Daydreamer said...

Great review Christi! I'm so happy you're still enjoying the KGI Series. I know I have book one sitting on my TBR List thanks to your awesome this just makes me want to get to them that much faster! :-D

Julie said...

Holy cow I want this book! I know what you told me but I am still convinced I'm going to like it. It has to be better than the heroine issues from book 2. It just has to be! I sent an email to the pub asking about this book. If I don't hear back by the end of the week, I'm going to just buy it. It will be worth it. lol