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Triple Dare by Lexxie Couper

Title:  Triple Dare
Author: Lexxie Couper
My Rating: A

Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: Joe & Anna...and Rob
Release Date: January 2011


Publisher: Samhain
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: erotic

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:
Two men, one woman, one momentous dare.
Red Hot Winter story.
Serious and determined, Joseph Hudson isn’t Australia’s businessman of the year for nothing. So now he’s asking himself, how did he get lost on the side of a mountain in the Colorado Rockies—in the middle of winter—with night fast approaching? Three simple words. I dare you.
Fear isn’t in Rob Thorton’s vocabulary. Life is for the taking, and Rob uses both hands. Challenging his best mate to take an impromptu snowboarding trip to the U.S. is just the latest in a lifetime of dares. Besides, he has an ulterior motive for the trip. And a plan…
Park Ranger Anna McCarthy knows what trouble looks like, and it’s written all over the two Aussies she first encounters in the ski lodge. Instinct has her following them onto the mountain, and sure enough, they end up needing her winter survival expertise. But not even her skills can stop her body from responding to the sexy muscles she finds beneath their ski suits.
Stuck in a remote cabin until the storm passes, the temperatures rise until all bets are off. And a double dare turns into a triple threat—to their hearts.
Warning: Contains lots of scorching boy on girl on boy action, a heroine who knows what she wants and two sexy-arsed Australian heroes to really work up a sweat over. Oh, and a soul-deep love story with a revelation that may make you cry.

My Review:

Wow! On the one hand, I am kicking myself that I let this book sit in my TBR pile so long, because it is so freaking good. On the other hand, I am kicking myself for reading it now because now I have to wait another 9 days before I get Rob's book, Dare Me, which releases on January 31st (I am writing this review on the 22nd, although it won't be posted until closer to the release of Dare Me.)

Rob & Joe are best mates who also work together. Joe is CEO of the largest outdoor equipment supplier in Australia and Rob works with him. Joe is a natural workaholic, so Rob, as his best friend, has taken it upon himself to make sure that Joe takes time to have some fun. This usually happens after the phrase, "I dare you..." is uttered. The latest dare involves an impromptu trip to the US to go skiing at Wolf Creek. After being heli-dropped into their ski area, the two of them quickly become lost because they are trying out a new (and faulty) compass system for the company. Luckily, these two Australians caught the eye of Ranger Anna McCarthy the night before and she has been keeping an eye on them all day (from afar with binoculars) and quickly realizes that they are becoming lost. What ensues from there is one seriously HOT night full of fantasy-inducing menage.

For Joe, his feelings for Anna are immediately so much more than just sex. I love how close that Rob & Joe are through the story as friends, because I think that Rob realizes Joe's feelings before Joe even does. Yes, this is an erotic story. It is also a love story. But for this particular story, I feel that it is more about the power of a good friendship. Joe is brilliant and career-driven, but it is his friendship with Rob that keeps him down-to-earth and truly alive.

Throughout the entire story, you, as the reader, know that Rob has some news for Joe which Joe isn't going to like, but when it came out...OMG! Complete and total shocker. I did not see that coming and it was like a swift kick to the gut. Yes, I admit it, I bawled throughout that entire chapter of the book. To say that I cannot wait for Rob's book is putting it mildly.

This was really an incredible read. I am a sucker for snow-bound stories and this one is one of the best that I have read. I loved the heat, the chemistry, the sexual tension, and the emotion of it all. Well done, Lexxie!!

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