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Lost in Time by Melissa de la Cruz

Title: Lost in Time
Author: Melissa de la Cruz
My Rating: C+

Genre: YA-Paranormal Romance
Series: Blue Bloods #6
Main Characters: lots of them
Release Date: September 2011
Publisher: Hyperion
ISBN: 978-1423121299

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Sexual Intensity: mild

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:
The stakes have never been higher for the young Blue Bloods of Manhattan. After their brief yet beautiful bonding ceremony in Italy, Schuyler Van Alen and Jack Force depart for Egypt, desperate to find the elusive Gate of Promise before Jack must face his twin, Mimi, for a blood trial. A blood trial that only one of them can survive. But everything Schuyler thought she knew about the gate turns out to be a lie, and they soon find themselves ensnared in a deadly battle against the demon-born. Schuyler and Jack take up arms, only to realize that there is a much graver threat simmering in the Kingdom of the Dead.
Meanwhile, determined to save the only vampire she still loves, Mimi has followed Kingsley Martin into Hell. With the help of her new human Conduit, Oliver Hazard-Perry, Mimi makes a bargain with the Queen of the Dead that she may soon regret. When the time comes to choose between love and revenge, both Mimi and Oliver will learn the true meaning of sacrifice.
Confronted by danger, betrayal, and loss at every turn, the Blue Bloods must find the will to fight—and love—another day.

My Review:
I was contacted by the publisher to review this book , but I have not read the five books prior to this book in the series, so I am coming at this review without any former knowledge of the characters or the world and that may tinge my review. Honestly, I thought that I had a pretty good handle on what was happening overall in the book until the final chapter. The entire book follows three groups of people and in the book, their stories really don't intersect. 

First is Jack and Schuyler. They are a new bonded (married) couple who are in search of some gates that have something to do with Schuyler's heritage from her mother.

You are also following Mimi and Oliver who are headed into hell to try to get Kingsley out. Kinsley and Mimi are in love. Oliver is a human and is suffering from an unrequited love for Schuyler and the heartbreak of the fact that she just became bonded to Jack. Jack and Mimi are twins and he broke their bond to be with Schuyler.

Allegra and Ben and Charles are the final group. Allegra and Charles are another set of twins that are supposed to be bonded, but she leaves him to be with her love, a human named Ben. I honestly did not figure out until the second to last page of the book that Allegra is Schuyler's mom. (As far as I know, this isn't a spoiler....I just didn't realize without the background knowledge.)   Seriously, I had NO IDEA that these stories weren't in the same timeline. I still don't understand the details there. Like I said, I don't know all the background here, so I could be totally wrong about these thing, but this is the story the way that I read it.

Now on to my review. Because I don't have much background in this series, I am going to break up this review into the things I liked and those that I didn't like.

What I liked:
*I really liked the way that the book was written with a short chapter following each group of characters. It kept the book really interesting and fast-paced.
*Even though I haven't read the other books, I didn't feel completely lost in the world overall. There were a few points that I just didn't understand, but overall, I could read and understand the world. A short dictionary at the front would have gone a LONG ways to alleviating this issue for other new readers to the series.
*That cover- OMG, it is such a gorgeous book. Even my husband commented on how striking the book is.

What I didn't like:
*Twins who are bonded- ***ICK***Honestly, this pretty much ruined this book for me. I even got online to ask a friend who had read the series if I was misinterpreting something, but she said I had it right. Basically, these twins are soulmates that are reincarnated as brother & sister so they will always be able to find each other in future lives. Okay, even if I could get past the ick-factor of the brother/sister thing because of the purity of soulmates...the soulmates in this series do NOT stay together so that whole point is moot. *ick, and again I say *ick*. On so many levels this is just *ICK*
*All the people in the series are young...late teens, early twenties... and so many times the book read like one of the cheesy teen soap operas on WB or CW with the over-the-top drama and self-involvement.

So, there you have it. My feelings on this book. Honestly, I think that if you have been reading the series, you will love it. It is definitely setting up for the final climactic finish of book 7. It just wasn't for me.

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Aurian said...

Lol, twins bonded in a sexual way, so not my thing either. And this sure sounds YA to me, which is not my favourite genre. I haven't read those books yet, no idea if I would like it despite those things.