Sunday, January 1, 2012

His Secret Past by Katie Reus

Title:  His Secret Past
Author: Katie Reus
My Rating: A

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Main Characters: Alexis & Hunter
Release Date: January 2012
Publisher: Carina Press
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Sexual Intensity: hot

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Story Overview:
Six years ago, Alexis Baptiste's world was turned upside down when Hunter Cassidy disappeared without a trace, leaving her alone and pregnant. She's finally moving on with her life when he resurfaces, just in time to rescue her from a would-be assassin. Forced to join him on the run to protect herself and her young son, Alexis is now in even more danger: danger of falling for Hunter all over again.
Betrayed by rogue CIA agents after infiltrating an infamous drug cartel, former DEA agent Hunter Cassidy has spent years trying to clear his name. He's not proud of the things he's done, and knows he doesn't deserve a future with Alexis, or the son he never knew he had, but he's determined to protect them from the men who ruined his life. Convincing Alexis to trust him—and denying his feelings for her—is going to be the hardest mission he's ever faced.
64,000 words

My Review:

This was simply an amazing story which was incredibly suspenseful and entertaining. This is one of those stories that is heartbreaking because there is no doubt that the hero and heroine love each other. Six years ago, they were planning their lives and future together, but then Hunter's work as a DEA agent got in the way and he had to leave without a word. What he didn't know was that Alexis was pregnant at the time. What she didn't know is that he was leaving to keep her safe. Now Alexis and their son Jonathan are in danger again and Hunter is back to make sure that nothing happens to them.

The emotion in this book is so incredible. From the moment the book opens, you know that Alexis is having issues with her feelings for Hunter even though it's been six years since she has seen him. She is one month away from getting married to another man and is suddenly having dreams about Hunter and doubts about her forthcoming marriage to Michael. It's heartbreaking especially because you, as the reader, know more about the situation than she does. She simply thinks that Hunter betrayed and abandoned her. She has no idea that he was doing the only thing that he could to keep her her up.

These are two people that have been emotionally shredded by that six year separation. As they are thrown back together again, they both know that this time is going to hurt so much more, but they just can't manage to maintain an emotional separation. This is a suspense novel, but honestly the real suspense came from wondering how long they were going to be able to hold out against each other without acting upon their intense passion. To say that this book has sexual chemistry is putting it mildly.

Honestly, I ADORED reading this book. It sucked me in until the very end...easily an A+ book for pure entertainment value. Upon reflection AFTER reading it, there are a few issues with the believability of the characters actions, but that did NOT bother me in the least when I was in the midst of reading it. As a result, I am waffling between an A- or A rating, but I do rate entirely upon my enjoyment of the book rather than the literary value of the book. ;o) So, I give this book an A. I really do like reading this author's romantic suspense books...they always completely enrapture me!

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Aurian said...

And still, I have a little trouble with stories like this one. Is she really not in love with her fiancée? Why did she fall for him? And how easy is she giving him up? Does he play a role in here, does he know about Hunter?