Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The First MacGregors Read-Along Book....

Our MacGregors Read Along Has Started!!!
Ally (Swept Away Again) is hosting our first book discussion for Serena & Caine.
She posted her review of the book yesterday.
My review will be up Friday.

We will be having a group chat on her blog today. I hope that you will come check it out. I think that it starts at noon CST (if I have my time zones correct...hehe!)
Come join us while we chat...Ally, Deanna, Marcela, and ME!

Story Overview:
#1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nora Roberts enchants again with two beloved classics about the passionate and headstrong MacGregor family.
Playing the Odds
Serena MacGregor had been looking for a little independence and some much-needed adventure, but Justin Blade was not what she had in mind. The stakes were high, and Justin was betting on changing Serena's mind about him. But when this fiery heiress upped the ante on the cool Comanche gambler, steamy didn't begin to describe the results.…
Tempting Fate
Attorney Caine MacGregor had a reputation for being a demon in and out of the courtroom. The dashing young attorney rarely met a case—or a woman—he couldn't win. But Diana Blade was no ordinary lady. Caine yearned to break down her icy wall of control and release the passionate woman within. He might be able to convince Diana to form a business partnership, but could he entice her to risk everything for the love of a MacGregor?

These two books were written in 1985, so I am particularly interested how everyone else felt about reading these older books. ;o)

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Aurian said...

Great, I am a big Nora Roberts lover! Have fun!