Monday, January 23, 2012

Diamonds and Toads: A Modern FairyTale by KE Saxon

Title:  Diamonds & Toads: A Modern Fairy Tale
Author: K.E. Saxon
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: -
Main Characters: Delilah & Chas; Isadora & Sam
Release Date: September 2011
Publisher: KE Saxon
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.
Story Overview:
Contemporary Romance with elements of fantasy - Humorous, Hot and Steamy; 48K

Once upon a time, there were two sisters, one blessed,and one cursed by fairy magic....

So each sister's story begins.
Delilah Perrault is blessed with riches beyond her wildest dreams and the man she's had her eye on for ages--even though he secretly has designs on her newfound wealth instead. Delilah's half-sister, Isadora, is cursed with having her every utterance come out as an obscene and humiliating quip, just when the gorgeous hunk she dumped years before under pressure from mama swaggers back into her life.

If you like Bewitched, Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, if you like stories with humor and sexual heat, try out this modern girl's fairy tale.

My Review:
The book starts out with this:
Once Upon a Time
there were two sister,
one blessed, and one cursed 
by fairy magic...
The story then begins with the blessed sister, Delilah. Midway through, it moves to Isadora, the cursed sister's story.

This was an interesting book. I liked the way that it gave a modern, and at times erotic, twist to a fairy tale. There is a true fairy in the book who is trying to guide the two sisters to their true loves. The story takes place in modern day Texas. Delilah is the blessed sister, but she is involved with a man who is using her, for her good fortune, without her knowledge. On the other hand, Isadora is the cursed sister and she is involved with a man who truly loves her, but she is too caught up in her mother's schemes to see it. It's an interesting dichotomy and overall, I truly enjoyed that about the book. It's interesting...the woman who is loved is the cursed, while the one who is not is the least at the beginning of each story.

Both stories take place at the same time and intertwine within each other, but they are truly separate stories. I really liked that about the way that it was written and understood some of the events from the first story much better after having read the second.

All of the characters are interesting. Chas is a jerk who is truly taking advantage of a friend in Delilah. But he knows that and is regretful of that at the same time that he is starting to fall in love with Delilah. Delilah is an interesting character who has a hard time asserting herself so is taking Domme training (yes, there is some light BDSM in this book) to help her self-confidence. I really loved that completely unexpected twist to her personality. It made for some really fun and sizzling scenes. In the other story, we have Sam & Isadora, who were engaged to be married 8 years ago. Isadora broke his heart though in deference to her mother's wishes. I found Isadora to be the least likable of all the characters, but I wanted to like her. I think that if there had been a little more insight into her inner thoughts, that she would have ended up enjoying the entire book overall more. I did absolutely LOVE her and Sam's story. My heart just broke for Sam as he is dealing with trying to keep his heart from becoming crushed again.

It's definitely an interesting book and was great for an afternoon's escape.


Aurian said...

Glad you liked it, but it is not calling my name.

Paperback Daydreamer said...

I really like the idea behind this book and how it's two separate stories yet they intertwine since it's talking about interesting! I'm definitely adding this to my TBR list.

Christi, I hope you start reading some books that are out of this world soon, it's so rare to ever see you with this many B ratings in a least you've at least enjoyed them all!

Felicia Sparks said...

I think I am not a fan of the fairy tale re-tellings. I wish I was but I just can't make myself like them very much :(